What are your questions about fear and anxiety?

While our society may appear as divided as ever, there is one thing we all can agree on: 2020 made us come face to face with fear and anxiety. Some may have encountered these challenging emotions for the first time, while others may have felt even more trapped and overwhelmed than usual. Most people who are anxious and afraid wonder how they can get rid of these utterly uncomfortable feelings.

There is a lot of confusing, misleading and disempowering information about fear and anxiety out there. One common misconception is that we can get rid of these emotions by either fighting or ignoring them. In my almost twenty years of experience helping people overcome fear and anxiety, I can tell you that the opposite is the case. The best way to heal fear and anxiety is to approach them with curiosity and compassion.

How? Join me this Thursday, December 3, on Empowerment Radio, where I will answer this and any of your questions on how to grow from and beyond fear and anxiety.

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