What Anxiety and Your Dog have in common

Anxiety may have made you feel overwhelmed, powerless and somewhat flawed. And even if you happen to wake up without anxiety, you are already worried about, when it will raise its ugly head again.

The problem is, that the more you fear your own anxiety the worse it becomes. One of the first and most important steps to overcome and outgrow anxiety is to change our perception of it. Anxiety is created by the subconscious mind. This powerful part of your mind has two primary missions to keep you safe and to make you happy. If you embrace anxiety as a message or an expression of that part of your mind, that has only your best interest at heart, chances are that you will much more easily learn to understand, appreciate and be in charge of this emotion. This is where the dog analogy can come in handy. So what exactly does anxiety and your Fido have in common? To find out listen to Dr. Schaub’s next Empowerment Radio Show.