The Psychology of Political Mass-Manipulation And What We Need To Learn From Nazi Germany

Are you feeling confused and manipulated by politicians and the media? Do you feel that political marketers try to make you feel anxious, angry or disgusted in order to get your vote? The history of mass-manipulation is long and dark and more than ever needs to remembered and learned from. Growing up in Germany, raised by parents who were teenagers during World War II, I always wondered, how was it possible that an entire nation could be seduced to make Hitler, a little Austrian man without any background in politics or economics, their Fuehrer? What is disconcerting now is that new populistic movements arise all over the world and already start to create a divide among families and friends. In the wake of their uprising basic principles of decency, honesty and compassion no longer seem to unite the nation, but are denounced by some as wimpy and liberal. It appears that it is time to remind ourselves of some of the strategies Hitler used to manipulate his people to gain absolute power – and of the horrors that came from it. Listen to my upcoming show on Empowerment Radio and learn how to spot political manipulation and how to avoid it from clouding your judgment and values.