The Power of the Divine Feminine

We are living in a world that has many challenges to deal with climate change, energy and water shortages, inequality of wealth, racism and other prejudices, etc. Without being overly judgmental, the fact is that all of these problems arose under the command of the patriarchy. But rather than bringing the world back into balance by empowering women as equals and seeking their advice and leadership, men continue to abuse, control and suppress the feminine power. Yet, the me-too movement, the midterm election and the number of female presidential candidates demonstrates that women are no longer willing to be pushed to the sidelines.

There were times in history, where Goddesses and heroines were revered and respected and their stories kept alive for hundreds of years to inspire and empower women. My guest on this upcoming episode of Empowerment Radio is award-winning author and scholar in mythology Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan. With her books Legends of the Grail and Heroines of Avalon, she has brought to life, for this generation, the stories of the powerful British and Irish female mythological figures as inspiration to all those who wish to live in harmony with the earth. Listen to our interview this Thursday, May 16th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET, and learn more about the ancient teachings on how to harness the gifts and magic of their feminine essence.