OCD — A Phobia of Powerlessness

Do you have a hard time leaving your house, because you have to check at least ten times that the iron is unplugged or that the door is locked? Do you struggle with intrusive thoughts about hurting a loved-one, death or other horrible events? Or are you overly concerned with germs or keeping your books or tools in perfect order? If so, you may suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a form of anxiety, which can become so excessive in that it put your daily life on hold.

People, who are dealing with OCD know that their behavior is completely irrational, yet they feel unable to resist the urges or stop the disturbing thoughts. But there is hope. Logic and rational thinking aren t sufficient to stop OCD, because the thoughts and behaviors are rooted in the subconscious mind. Why does the subconscious mind create such debilitating patterns and what does OCD have to do with an overall sense of powerlessness?

Join Dr. Friedemann Schaub, the author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution, on his next Empowerment Radio Show and learn how you can consciously work with the subconscious to understand, heal and outgrow the deeper root causes of OCD.