4 Steps To Resolve Your Negative Self-Talk | ES158

Our inner critic can be a real Debbie Downer, who can make us feel deflated and trapped. But we don’t have to let negative self-talk rule our thoughts and spoil our day. By recognizing the common negative thinking patterns, we can challenge them and replace them with more realistic and positive perspectives.

Although shifting out of habitual self-criticism won’t happen overnight, the good news if you counter-balance just two or three negative thoughts per day, within a couple of weeks, your inner critic’s voice will diminish by 70%-80%.

The problem is that you may not always know how to challenge the inner critic, which is why in this week’s podcast episode, I’ll show you 4 effective ways to respond to negative thoughts.

So don’t let that inner critic hold you back, and give yourself permission to think positively and treat yourself with more kindness starting today. 

The power to change is in our hands – and minds.


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