How to Train Your Subconscious to Be Happy No Matter What

Do you want to be happier on a daily basis, but find yourself often stuck in stress, worry and discontent, even though you have more than enough reasons to celebrate your life? Obviously, emotions don t necessarily make rational sense, since they come from the part of our mind that doesn t care about logic and reason our subconscious. This deeper, powerful and busy part of our mind has two main agendas, which are to either protect us, or to make us happy. Thus, depending on how our subconscious has been programmed, we live either in anticipation of getting hurt, waiting for the other show to drop, or are able to enjoy most days with ease and happiness. The good news is that our subconscious is, by nature, eager to learn and please, which is why we can train it to shift its focus towards greater happiness and contentment. Join Dr. Friedemann Schaub on this episode of Empowerment Radio to program your subconscious mind to find and create more happiness no matter what your circumstances are.