How to Heal Childhood and Generational Wounds with Anat Peri and Chris Marhefka

Do you struggle with traumas of your past? Do you have memories of your childhood that continue to resurface? Sam had been tormented by disturbing images inadvertently flashing across the screen of his mind for many years. Daily, he felt forced by his subconscious to watch himself being violently punished by some unrecognizable person.

Sam told me that, as a child, he was regularly beaten and slapped around by his father. At first glance, it may seem pretty obvious that the violent images that tortured Sam as an adult were nothing but vivid memories of his traumatic punishments. Yet every form of therapy he’d sought to relieve the effects of these traumas had failed, and a part of Sam continued to project these images onto the screen of his mind.

So how did Sam’s need for survival lead to these visions? Join me, and Training Camp for the Soul’s Anat Peri and Chris Marhefka to explore intergenerational traumas, and beliefs, behaviors and habits that are so ingrained that we don’t know why they are there – how they keep us trapped and how we can move past them.


3:55 – Men and the suppression of emotions
6:53 – Generational trauma for women and feeling unsafe in their bodies
9:57 – Whether age of client affects how they experience emotional blocks
12:38 – How to no longer avoid our emotions to start healing
15:37 – The three steps of priming ourselves to feel safe
18:40 – Tapping into the cellular memory of our body to address our emotions
24:14 – Do we actually need to transform? Do we need to heal?
30:27 – The important of moving into acceptance from awareness
34:22 – What are ways to open the heart?