How to get quickly grounded and re-centered with Dr. Susan Shumsky

Have you been continuously feeling that 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most intense years of our lives? As we are going through a time full of uncertainty, pain, outrage, and loss, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Many people tell me that with everything that is happening in the world right now, they feel frazzled, ungrounded and exhausted. But they often don t know how to slow down their minds, relax their emotions, and recharge their energy.

My guest on this week s Empowerment Radio is Dr. Susan Shumsky, author of 17 books and world-renowned expert in meditation and healing. Join Susan and I, as we will talk about how to use the subtle energy centers of our chakra system to regain peace, balance and perspective during these most turbulent times. After all, only when we are clear, courageous, and open-hearted, can we build a more equal, just, and sustainable world for all.