How to deal with intrusive thoughts

Do you ever have intrusive thoughts seemingly out of nowhere popping into your head? You may be preparing dinner in the kitchen, when suddenly your mind conjures a scary image or crazy idea that leaves you wondering about what just happened. The thought could be about harming a loved one, wondering if you have cancer or worrying what happens to your children when you die. Sometimes you may be able to shrug these thoughts off as misfirings of your brain. But other times, you may feel bombarded by such a barrage of similar thoughts that you anxiously wonder whether you are losing your mind. So how do you know whether these thoughts are just brain junk, or telling you a deeper truth? And how do you make them stop from ruining your day? Join me on Empowerment Radio this Thursday, February 6th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET and learn to understand the reasons why your mind creates intrusive thoughts and how you may best respond to them.