How To Change Limiting Money-Mindsets

Do you ever get the feeling no matter what you do, you just never have enough money? Or are you financially well off, but constantly wonder, when the other shoe will drop and all that you have will be taken away? How we relate to money is largely dependent on the mind-set of our parents. Not to blame them, but as children, we don t really understand the concept of money, so we observe and learn from what our mothers and fathers model to us. Whether you heard your parents saying “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “money is the root of all evil,” or “it is selfish to want a lot of money,” chances are that your subconscious mind adopted their limiting beliefs and with that their perspectives and behaviors around earning, spending and saving. Listen to this episode of Dr. Friedemann’s Empowerment Radio and learn how you can change your money-mindset and become a more mindful and joyful steward of your finances.