How Life-Saving Answers Get Ignored by the Medical Establishment with Dr. Gerald Buckberg

Dr. Gerald Buckberg is a cardiac surgeon and researcher whose landmark procedures are used by 85% of surgeons in the USand nearly that many worldwide. However, more recent breakthroughs that he and his team developed are being ignored by the medical establishment. The resistance to new approaches means that proven treatments for major cardiac illnesses exist, but are not being used!

In his new book, Solving the Mysteries of Heart, Dr. Buckberg provides valuable information including:

Why 90% of patients die from sudden death, when there are procedures that could save 80% of lives
How CPR can be done for up to 150 minutes without any brain damage (currently 15 minutes is the average)
How to avoid damage to the heart after a heart attack, extending the patient’s life and preventing heart failure
How rigidity in the medical system is preventing these life-saving solutions from being adopted, and what patients can do to force a change that can save their own and their loved ones lives

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