Heartfulness – the five secrets to greater peace and fulfillment

With the coronavirus epidemic dominating the news and the upcoming election just around the corner, for many people, the list of things to worry about just keeps getting longer. Do you spend more time worrying about the future than enjoying the present moment? Or, do you try hard to ignore your emotions, because they may only distract you from making sure that all your obligations and expectations are met? In my practice, I often hear my clients lament that they spend most of their time either on an emotional roller-coaster, or checked-out on auto-pilot mode, going through the motions while the years are passing by them more and more quickly. Yet, neither worry or anxiety, nor living solely in our heads will make our lives more peaceful or fulling.

I just came back from our 12th transformational journey to Egypt, which my wife, Danielle, and I have co-lead since 2002. One of the phenomena of these journeys is that each day is filled with so much joy and meaning, 2 weeks seem like a month. This time, I was asking myself, what are the secrets that make this time so much more meaningful and fulfilling? And how can we integrate those secrets into our day-to-day lives?

The answer is practicing heartfulness, which is the heart-centered extension of mindfulness.

Join me this Thursday March 5th on Empowerment Radio and learn the 5 secrets to heartfulness, so that you can bring more peace and fulfillment into your life.