Five mistakes we make with our anxiety

For almost twenty years, I have been on my soapbox about how to view anxiety not as our enemy but as our responsibility. Rather than wrestling with our emotions, we need to accept them as a form of communication from the deeper parts of our minds. When it comes to anxiety, at first glance, its messages are about not being safe or being worried about the future. Yet, when we dig a bit deeper, we realize that the reason why we feel anxious isn’t that we are in danger, but because our subconscious got triggered into self-defense mode.

There are five common mistakes we make when dealing with our anxiety that may make it worse. When I was dealing with anxiety, I made all of them. At the time, I wished there was someone to guide me. In this episode, I share these five mistakes, and how you can easily avoid them to accelerate your healing.


00:00 – General guidelines for anxiety relief
4:04 – First mistake: identifying ourselves with anxiety
6:07 – Second Mistake: being afraid of our own emotions
9:00 – Your anxiety as a frightened child
11:52 – Third Mistake: checking on our anxiety all the time
15:59 – Fourth Mistake: never looking at our other emotions
17:50 – Analogy for “Breaking Through” anxiety
18:30 – What is the opposite of anxiety?
20:41 – Fifth Mistake: Not having clear boundaries with our anxiety
26:47 – What is happening next time?