Do We Have Past and Future Lives? w/ Dena Merriam

Do you believe in karma, the law of cause and effect? To quote Wayne Dyer: “How people treat you is their karma – how they react is yours.”

Another wise man said that we are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequence of our choice. But how often have we seen people doing horrible things, lying, cheating, hurting others – and they still seem to get away with it? Does this mean that karma doesn’t exist and that there is no justice in the universe? But what if our karma is like the blueprint for future lives? What if we had past lives and are working through our old karma this time around? This is how many Eastern philosophies view our existence.

You may think past lives don’t exist because you have no recollection of living in ancient Egypt or during the medieval times. But my guest on this next episode of Get Real, Dena Merriam, has very clear memories about her past lives and wrote several bestselling books about it. During her years of meditation, many vivid memories of past births began to emerge, revealing an intricate and subtle pattern of cause and effect, the law of karmic unfolding. The purpose of sharing these intimate stories is to help people see the long arch of their life, whether they retain memories or not, to help overcome fear and anxiety about death and to understand more fully the workings of cause and effect.

Join Dena and I to open your mind to the possibility that each one of us, moment by moment, is creating the blueprint for our future.


00:00 – Can people do terrible things and get away with it?

07:00 – Research around the link between phobias and past memories

10:33 – How past life memories are triggered

14:28 – Reliving trauma of a past life

18:30 – Fear of death, and how knowing our past and future lives affect it

20:19 – How challenging relationships need to balanced out

24:00 – Karma as representations of desires

26:43 – The emerging patterns of divisiveness and domination

33:47 – Where are we heading towards as a collective?

35:10 – What can we do as individuals to progress?