Connecting With Our Divine Truth with Paul Selig

Does the world appear to you less coherent and more divided; less predictable and more chaotic; less about decency and love and more about profit and hate? Yet, in the midst of seemingly unsurmountable challenges, there is a growing desire to find a greater meaning a higher perspective and a deeper purpose for our existence. Many of us are on a quest to connect to an undeniable truth within, a divine essence so to speak, that grounds us and gives us the strength and wisdom to navigate gracefully through these chaotic times.

The teachings of my guest this week on Empowerment Radio, Paul Selig, provide answers to some of these and other pressing questions. Paul Selig is one of the foremost spiritual channels working today and the author of I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation and The Book of Freedom.

Join Paul and I on Empowerment Radio, as we address topics such as how to connect to our divine truth, the role fear in life and whether making choices on how our life unfolds prior to our incarnation.