Breaking The Chains of Shame | Learning To Embrace Our Whole Selves | ES162

We all project our beliefs and opinions on one another. Suppose you have always been overly concerned about your body weight or struggled with self-esteem. As a result, you may harshly judge strangers for being overweight or dismiss people’s confidence as arrogant and condescending. Of course, the reverse is also true. The behaviors and judgments of those who shamed you are based on the fabric of their subconscious

Beliefs, and therefore, say much more about them than you. This is why we can’t take other people’s opinions, good or bad, personally.

So whenever shame arises, ask yourself, whether the judgment or criticism from others is truly a reflection on you or whether it is just a projection from them.

When you no longer need to hide behind the invisibility cloak of shame to feel safe, you can cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself and develop a greater capacity for compassion and empathy towards others who may still be trapped in their own shame and self-doubt.

Join me for this liberating episode on Empowerment Solution and together, let’s embrace our vulnerabilities, celebrate our strengths, and strive for a life filled with self-acceptance and belief in our unlimited capacity to heal, grow and thrive.

Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, is the award-winning author of The Fear + Anxiety Solution. Dr. Schaub has helped thousands of people with his Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment program to overcome their fear and anxiety by addressing the deeper, subconscious root causes of these emotional challenges.

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