Are Your Anxiety Attacks Getting Shorter? | ES148 – SOUNDBITE

How do you know you are making progress when it comes to healing your anxiety?

This is a common question I hear.

The truth is we collect so many tools. We put them into practice.

We have good days, and then we have bad daysโ€ฆand sometimes the bad outweighs the good so much that we donโ€™t know if we have really made any actual progress.

If this is a question you seek an answer to join me for this soundbite on what the most obvious way to know that you’re making progress with anxiety is.

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How do YOU know you are making progress in your healing journey?

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Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, is the award-winning author of The Fear + Anxiety Solution. Dr. Schaub has helped thousands of people with his Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment program to overcome their fear and anxiety by addressing the deeper, subconscious root causes of these emotional challenges.