Are You Overthinking Your Relationship? | ES135

Do you believe that your anxiety holds you back from having healthy romantic relationships? You may have told yourself that you are flawed and broken and that, therefore, nobody wants to date you, let alone be with you. Or that you won’t measure up and aren’t worthy of true love and have to settle for anyone willing to accept you.

Like so many people I work with, you, too, may struggle not to identify yourself with an anxiety disorder or OCD, believing these emotional challenges define who you are.

The truth is that a diagnosis does not define you but is the starting point for your healing journey.

Dr Friedemann’s Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Dating Is Always Risky (6:00)

What Stage Of The Relationship (10:35)

Have You Ever Been Rejected? (15:30)

End Up UnHappy (20:25)

Therapy Is Important (25:30)

When You Find Somebody (28:30)

Disorders Manifest Differently (31:55)

We’re Meant For Each Other (37:48)

Prophecy Of Disappointment (39:55)

Hanging Out With Yourself (42:22)

Meet Allison Raskin:

ALLISON RASKIN is a New York Times bestselling author. She is also the cohost of the popular podcast Just Between Us and cocreator of a YouTube channel by the same name. Allison has written and developed multiple TV shows and created the original scripted podcast Gossip. A vocal mental health advocate, Allison also runs the mental health–focused Instagram account @emotionalsupportlady.

Connect with Allison:

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