Are you lost in love?

We all want to love and to be loved. But after a series of failed relationships for many love becomes synonymous for pain and grief. So when you are looking back at your history with love, do you notice some self-limiting patterns? For example: Do you feel needy when you are in a relationship? Do make the person you are with the center of your Universe and tend to neglect your friends and other important aspects of your life? Do you feel constantly scared and worried that your partner may leave and hurt you? And after each break-up, do you feel your life is over?

If you have been repeating one or several of these patterns, you may have wondered whether you are just destined to live without love. The truth is, that most people who struggle with love are dealing with common subconscious blocks, which distort their perception on love and intimacy. Listen to Dr. Schaub s Empowerment Radio and find out, how you can heal your troubles with love by identifying and resolving these blocks.