Are you losing control of your emotions?

When you watch the rain-forest fires, children of immigrants separated from their parents, glaciers in Greenland disappearing or politicians acting selfishly, do you also feel sometimes so overwhelmed by emotions that it is hard for you to shake them off and focus on what was right in front of you?

You may have struggled with your emotions for a long time, and often wondered, how you could finally turn them off. Wouldn t your life be much better if you could run it by logic and reason? The truth is, you need your emotions, as they provide you with important information about your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, and the value of your actions and choices. Every day, emotions have a significantly larger impact on the choices you make and how you experience your world than facts and reasoning. The question just is, how you can feel your emotions, without getting overpowered by them?

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