What Dr. Schaub actually does defies description

Posted on July 18, 2018
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I spent many years exploring a broad spectrum of healing arts and self-help strategies before meeting Dr. Schaub. I thought I had amassed all the necessary tools and understanding to navigate any crisis or penetrate any impasse. So why was I still utterly fatigued and frustrated that life continued to feel like perpetual crisis, unbreakable impasse, and a daily marathon of swimming upstream in a river of stress? What Dr. Schaub actually does defies description, but his extraordinary combination of gifts – his skills and training, experience, intellect, sensitivity, compassion, and deep understanding of mind-body connections through the dual lenses of science and spirit – is immensely and uniquely powerful. He has an other-worldly capacity for asking the right questions, listening thoughtfully, “seeing” who each individual really is and can be, and seamlessly integrating a palette of effective techniques to get to the truth of what matters. With laser-like focus, he created easier access to the strengths within me to flush away toxic thoughts and feelings and diffuse primary sources of struggle. I feel like the most troublesome and difficult aspects of life, which I had long seen through the front windshield hurtling toward me, are now receding in the rear view mirror.