Our work together has helped me change my life in a BIG way

Posted on July 20, 2018
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Working with Dr. Friedemann has freed me from many many self-defeating patterns that have plagued me all my life. When I started with him I felt & believed I was a prisoner of my life – over the years the beliefs had worn me down & almost taken away my soul.

On the journey I discovered more negative beliefs than I was aware of & they were quite entangled & multifaceted – no wonder they had been driving me crazy & draining my life force for so long. I was riddled with guilt/shame, had almost given up.

Through the process of working with Dr. Friedemann – together we unraveled my history & the deep internalization of the stories around it – which caused me deep pain & suffering.  As this happened it (the past) began to have less power over me & at the same time my inner strength & self-love grew. I now have a voice after sitting in shame for decades. I now know what inner strength is.

Dr. Friedmann has so many qualities that make him such a pleasure to work with – namely his sincerity & want to affect real & deep change. His compassion & sensitivity that allow him to understand situations I’m sure he has never himself experienced. But by far his biggest strength for me was his ability to piece together a muddled messy history that taunted me.  It felt so good to verbally express my thoughts, emotions & strong feelings & have them heard & then expressed back to me in a way that helped me make sense of it all.  I guess it felt like validation & allowed me to then release it & finally become free. Our work together has helped me change my life in a BIG way – but in a gentle way. It wasn’t the way I expected – it wasn’t easy at times. But I am changed, calmer, free & happy.

I’m on MY path now & am moving forward with life in my way. After so many years of people pleasing & tension in my life & body, I now feel renewed & more relaxed. I have a sense of ease – a feeling I didn’t believe I would ever have.

In much gratitude & appreciation,