I recommend staying with the daily routines Dr. Friedemann provides you

Posted on July 19, 2018
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The work with Dr Friedemann has been incredibly helpful in helping me reaching my goal. It is a powerful method and it has helped me to center myself. I feel relaxed, happy and aware. I thank you for you for working with me.

I came to Dr. Friedemann based on the advice of a friend of mine who battled anxiety and a paralyzing fear of flying; he had terrific success in overcoming these fears with Dr. Friedemann.

My fear and anxiety were persistent and pervasive throughout my lifetime and I felt these two issues held me back in so many ways. While it was my divorce that brought me to Dr. Friedemann, I uncovered so many other underlying issues that not only helped me come to terms with my divorce and the circumstances surrounding the end of my marriage, but I also saw it as an opportunity for growth and discovery.

When I look at my notes and hear myself talk during our first sessions, I hear and see a completely different person that was insecure, frightened and clinging to a marriage and a way of life that didn’t make sense. In comparison, when I look at myself now, I have brought out that inner self that has been the confident and self-assured man that hid behind the veil of a frightened child who worried about what others thought. I have noticed the change and so have friends, family and colleagues. The work with the subconscious mind powerful indeed and I recommend staying with the daily routines Dr. Friedemann provides you with.

More importantly, buy the book since it lays out the plan and helps make sense of where you are going. The real power is knowing that you can stand on your own two feet; you don’t need anyone or a pill to help you overcome the anxiety that has lingered and prevented you from getting the most out of life.