I am now walking my path, feeling alive and free

Posted on July 10, 2018
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When I first came to see Dr. Schaub, my life was upside down, inside out, and backwards. I was in huge distress that had taken a lifetime to build up, culminating in a very difficult divorce and very serious depression. Friedemann helped me to get in touch with me again, and to see that my life was indeed worth living. Through my work with him I was able to develop a vision of myself as a strong, powerful, and confident woman who has a lot of my own special gifts to offer the world. I learned to listen to my heart and my mind, and to take better care of myself, so that I could start to reconnect with living my life in much more meaningful ways.

When I traveled to Egypt with Friedemann and Danielle in 2006, this process was further deepened, and my life was further transformed. I learned about the ancient mysteries of Egypt that are still very much alive and well today. I learned how to pick up all the pieces of my life and put them back together again in an all new form, so that I am supported every step of my way from now on. I learned to trust in the wisdom of my inner voice, rather than silencing it almost to the point of letting it die.

As a result of my work with Friedemann, I am now walking my path, feeling alive and free. I am listening to my inner guidance, and trusting it without any doubts. I am learning to live without fear, in a place of abundance rather than lack, and I am learning how to create a life that I love, one step at a time. And I will keep on walking.