Dr. Friedemann’s work with me saved my life in a powerful way

Posted on July 19, 2018
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After years of not being fully successful with my healing process and suffering a great deal because of it, I happened to listen to one of Dr. Friedemann’s radio shows online. Upon hearing his voice and listening to his points of view, I felt that he would be the person to help me. I had spent years in therapy without any results. Not getting the proper care, I took it upon myself to research about healing modalities and had made some gains, but nothing that would heal me completely.

Dr. Friedemann has a unique ability to understand a problem fully and is able to help you face the issue and let it go through deep understanding. After only a few sessions, I was able to sense a difference in my outlook and state of mind and body. I felt more focused. My awareness and energy increased. I had more self-confidences and began to feel more gratitude toward myself and my life.

I can safely say that Dr. Friedemann’s work with me saved my life in a powerful way. I could have reached some state of resolution with other healers, but it would have taken much more time and it would not have been as complete and permanent. By the time our work ended, I was able to feel myself as the person I truly am – free from anxiety, more centered and with a great deal of appreciation for my life and who I am. Dr. Friedemann’s genuine care and deep understanding, coupled with a focused and loving attention to minute details of your issues enables him to make connections where others fail. Furthermore, he is not afraid to tell you what he perceives as right and wrong and how to proceed. Unlike others who are intimated by the process of giving advice, Dr. Friedemann makes daily recommendations in the process of recovery and encourages you to follow those steps.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Friedemann to those who are ready to let go of their pain once and for all, and move into a more fulfilling life, led by a holistic relationship between your body, mind, heart and spirit so that you are not singlehandedly leaning on will power or intellect alone; in other words, a balanced life, free from anxiety and self limiting beliefs. It is true, you can heal.