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He did what the strongest sleeping pills on the market could not do, which was get me sleeping again

A year ago I got hit with the worst insomnia of my life - I am talking about the kind of insomnia where you can't sleep at...
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I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I couldn’t sleep for many months

I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I couldn’t sleep for many months. After working with Dr. Friedemann and his 8 session breakthrough program, I was able to...
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I am seeing wonderful positive results in my life and in my business

I initially started seeing Friedemann because I was experiencing tremendous anxiety and was unable to make phone calls in my business. For many years, I...
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I don’t even recognize my old self

When I came to see Friedemann I had given up on life and wanted to die. I hated myself and everyone around me. I was...
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I am unquestionably a new person

I was suffering from extreme anxiety and fear that interfered with my eating for over a year before I met Friedemann. I now eat normally...
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I feel blessed to have worked with [Dr. Schaub]

In under 10 hours of therapy, Friedemann helped me work through childhood trauma and body image issues that had plagued me for 10 years. He...
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I have learned to trust my body and my inner wisdom

My work with Dr. Friedemann has been an incredible experience. I have gained and learned so much.  I am now free of old patterns that...
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Working with Friedemann during a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment period was an invaluable support

Friedemann is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to take control of their health and life. Working with Friedemann during a breast cancer diagnosis...
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After only 2 sessions with Dr. Schaub my pain decreased dramatically

I first came to see Dr. Schaub with very painful psoriasis, which was covering most of my body. At night I could not sleep due...
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I am happier, more grounded and clearer about my role in my family

Talk about results … not only did I end a 15 + year smoking habit, I also met my future spouse soon after finishing my...
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Dr. Schaub [was] a huge part of this “miraculous” healing

When I started to work with Dr. Schaub I was suffering from Lichen Planus, a very unpleasant inflammation of my mouth,which did not seem to...
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Through his work I was able to take control of these issues by dealing with the root causes

I have struggled for years with fear and anxiety. Prior to working with Dr. Schaub, these problems had begun to affect the quality of my...
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