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I completed his Breakthrough Program and can’t believe how much my life has changed

I have struggled with anxiety my entire adult life. When I started to work with Dr. Friedemann my mind was constantly filled with feelings of...
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Dr. Friedemann helped me to get back in touch with my childhood gifts and my inner strength

Dr. Friedemann helped me to get back in touch with my childhood gifts and my inner strength, which has been a deeply freeing, healing journey for me....
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Dr. Friedemann helped me to me take off the many layers that I hid so well under, and start living again

I was a total mess to be honest, at the start of our sessions. Anxious, depressed  haunted by panic attacks. Dr. Friedemann helped me to...
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There is no other person that I can think of that can provide you with the much-needed support and plan to help you on your journey

Working with Dr. Friedemann on overcoming my anxiety has been a life-altering experience and I don’t think there has been an individual, who has had...
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He is a gifted coach and mentor and can help you create the life you have always dreamed of!

I started working with Dr. Friedemann after a friend had highly recommended him. He had helped her completely change the quality and the trajectory of...
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I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I couldn’t sleep for many months

I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I couldn’t sleep for many months. After working with Dr. Friedemann and his 8 session breakthrough program, I was able to...
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I no longer feel like a victim to fear, which has freed me

I have been working with Dr. Schaub for less than 8 sessions now and I am blown away with the transformations that I have witnessed...
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I wish I’d done it a long time ago

From my earliest years I frequently heard people tell me I was so talented and so capable, and wondering why I didn’t do more with...
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His program aided me through […] the complete removal of anxiety in my day to day life

I am 19 years old and started working with Dr. Friedemann as I was struggling with frequent anxiety and panic attacks. I would often not...
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Anxiety, anger, and depression lost their tight grip

Dr. Friedemann offered a much needed solution to my anxiety. I gained a completely new perspective on a number of issues that kept me stuck...
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My life has become fuller, richer, and more authentic

Through my work with Dr. Friedemann Schaub, I’ve discovered ways of letting go of a lifetime of fears and self-imposed limitations that kept my life...
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I am seeing wonderful positive results in my life and in my business

I initially started seeing Friedemann because I was experiencing tremendous anxiety and was unable to make phone calls in my business. For many years, I...
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