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There is no other person that I can think of that can provide you with the much-needed support and plan to help you on your journey

Working with Dr. Friedemann on overcoming my anxiety has been a life-altering experience and I don’t think there has been an individual, who has had a more profound and positive impact on my life. From the beginning of our sessions, Dr. Friedemann told me that I would grow into the individual that I am today. At the beginning of my journey with anxiety, I was lost, and I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. I felt like I had been sucker-punched and I was having trouble getting up and retaining my balance. I was frantically trying to find practitioners who would help me but nothing worked. The first conversation that I had with Dr. Friedemann, I felt so much ease after hearing his voice. It was like a heavyweight had been lifted off my shoulders. I still didn’t know how he was going to help me but he had so much confidence and belief in his ability and the work we were going to do together. Every session that we did together gave me so much insight and hope and I felt so much better every time. By the end of the program, I have now so much more confidence in myself and my ability. I am able to stand on my own two feet and I don’t need to depend on anyone else.

For those that are dealing with anxiety, I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Friedemann. There is no other person that I can think of that can provide you with the much-needed support and plan to help you on your journey. Ultimately this is a journey that you need to take on your own but I couldn’t think of a better person to be on your side guiding and supporting you. I hope to meet Dr. Friedemann in person one day to thank him personally.

Dr. Friedemann is a special individual who is full of compassion, empathy, and understanding and the work that he has done for mental health is ground-breaking. Very rarely will you find an individual like this and I feel lucky and grateful to have met him. It was a great experience. Some of us are blessed to have an individual in our lives who changes our lives for the better and for me that individual was Dr. Friedemann.

Sim Singh, Toronto, Canada

He is a gifted coach and mentor and can help you create the life you have always dreamed of!

I started working with Dr. Friedemann after a friend had highly recommended him. He had helped her completely change the quality and the trajectory of her life! I had just had my second baby, was rapidly approaching 40, my acting career seemed to have stalled and my fears and insecurities were running rampant. When we started with his Breakthrough Program, I quickly noticed changes, such as setting goals and following through with them or taking more risks and facing my fears head on. Dr. Friedemann helped me find my discipline and courage and how to stop my negative thinking.

At the end of the program, when we looked back at the goals I had set at the beginning, it was astonishing! Not only was I much more at ease and confident, I also had a new agent, a new manager, had booked a big job, had started a side business, was looking forward to auditions instead of dreading them and was doing a much better job of setting schedules and turning my negative thinking around. I couldn’t believe the progress I had made and I owe it all to Dr. Friedemann! He is a gifted coach and mentor and can help you create the life you have always dreamed of!

Erin Myers

I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I couldn’t sleep for many months

I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I couldn’t sleep for many months.After working with Dr. Friedemann and his 8 session breakthrough program, I was able to heal my past and connect to myself in ways I wasn’t able before. I no longer feel anxious and depressed, I sleep normally and have started to take much better care of myself. I trust my intuition more and more and I finally feel like I am in control of my life. I am very grateful to Dr Friedemann for all his help! I definitely recommend working with him to anyone struggling with anxiety and depression.

Julia Vivchak, Houston, Texas

I no longer feel like a victim to fear, which has freed me

I have been working with Dr. Schaub for less than 8 sessions now and I am blown away with the transformations that I have witnessed within myself. Before we began working together I was a nervous wreck, barely about to function in my day to day life with the amount of fear and anxiety I felt everyday. Since working with Dr. Schaub I have found inner peace by learning to listen to what my anxiety is telling me rather than trying to conquering it. With his help I have completely shifted my perspective, and I no longer feel like a victim to fear, which has freed me to once again listen to my heart and pursue my calling in life.

Jonas Webb, Tennessee

I wish I’d done it a long time ago

From my earliest years I frequently heard people tell me I was so talented and so capable, and wondering why I didn’t do more with it. It was true, I did have a lot of talents and abilities – but I had a hesitance to truly commit to any of them beyond the “hobby” level, and would even use one to distract myself from feelings of inadequacy in the others. Meanwhile, my actual work was always mostly just about paying the rent. Though I always managed to bring more creativity into my jobs when I had the chance, many of them were what a friend characterized as “air-conditioned hell.” My needs were met, there was some security, but I wasn’t ever really diving into the things that made me the happiest. I learned to “settle for less” in so many ways, and always had some outside circumstance to rationalize it with.

I also had problems with relationships. Although I knew I was gay when I was 13, I never thought there was anything “wrong” with me in that regard. I just felt like I was unequal or lacking; even at around three or four years old, I had a view of myself as “undeserving” or “unjustly excluded.” When I started entering the world of romantic relationships, the same thing played out – a desire to be accepted and loved, coupled with the conviction that I could not be, and didn’t even deserve to be. So I couldn’t really be myself; every new friendship/relationship felt like the countdown to the eventual abandonment and disappointment.

So when I looked back at my life, I saw many impressive achievements against a backdrop of pessimism and failure to follow through, and a conviction that I didn’t really deserve success or love or acceptance.

Several years ago, I felt exhausted. I felt utterly disappointed with myself, looking back at all the abandoned endeavors. It felt like life was one big imposter syndrome… “If I really get close to someone who’s stable and successful, they’ll realize what a loser I am, so better just stay away.” I also realized that I’d started judging people who looked successful. In good shape? They must be a shallow gym bunny. Wealthy? They must be a drone interested only in money. Popular? They must be all about pleasing others. Of course this was another way of avoiding facing my own thoughts.

I realized that I was struggling with anxiety and even some fear. So I got onto Google and looked up fear and anxiety, and Dr. Schaub’s videos came up. I went through lots of them, did some of the guided meditations, and I felt like I was getting some real keys to what was going on. I ordered “The Fear and Anxiety Solution,” and started keeping track of my self-talk. It was the first time I’d every really paid attention to what I was thinking about myself and questioning whether it was really true.

I decided to work with Dr. Friedemann one-on-one. It was worth every cent. I also appreciated the fact that although there weren’t weekly sessions (It was clear that I was the one really doing the work and he was there to guide that) he was also present in between sessions to clarify things and help me when I came up against any stumbling blocks.

Dr. Friedemann and I talked specifically about the profession issue, and through his questions, he guided me to the “edge” of my story – where I could look at it from a more objective standpoint, but also look outward, beyond it. Almost immediately I realized that I’d been looking at others and condemning myself because I couldn’t do it their way – but upon dropping the self-judgment, I could also see that one of the reasons I respected them all was that they had found ways, all unique, of living different, divergent parts of their lives, combining stability and adventure and travel. That was the beginning of envy/self-condemnation shifting to inspiration and new ideas about my own prospects.

This is one of the most valuable take-aways from our work – the ability and willingness to recognize these “stories” for what they are – not only in retrospect to see my present situation more clearly, but also to catch them as soon as they start suggesting themselves.

This has got to be the most valuable approach that I learned: To value that voice that doesn’t speak in logic and words, but through emotions, to learn to hear it; be grateful for what it does, but also speak back to it in the language it can understand. If a kid gets frightened by a spider in a garden, we can teach him to respect and appreciate spiders, not be afraid of gardens because they might have a spider in them.

I used to see life as a series of interesting roads that all ended up at locked gates. Now I see it as an endless array of choices. Procrastination used to be a major issue for me, even on inconsequential things, but I’m getting a lot better at seeing it for what it is and moving ahead. This spring, for the first time, I got my taxes in ahead of the deadline. I’m not afraid about finances as I used to be. I used to always let my room turn into a complete mess for long periods of time, and then go through and organize everything. It looked great, but within a week it was a mess again. Now it’s organized and it stays that way; it seems almost intolerable to just throw something on the floor. I haven’t left without making my bed in months. These things might seem a little trivial but it’s a reflection of the changing outlook on life. I’m also much more thorough with my plants, some of which take a lot of care.

A few years ago I couldn’t have imagined being so thorough and consistent in their care. Whether it entails deeper involvement in things or a higher level of responsibility, I feel like I’m moving forward in life again.

Dr. Friedemann and I aren’t having regular sessions now, but I look forward to checking in now and then in the future. Working with him has been a wonderful, if sometimes painful, journey, but I can also say that the most painful realizations also came together with the greatest gains. I wish I’d done it a long time ago.

Bob Beer, Washington

His program aided me through […] the complete removal of anxiety in my day to day life

I am 19 years old and started working with Dr. Friedemann as I was struggling with frequent anxiety and panic attacks. I would often not want to go out in public and prefer to stay within the confines of my own bedroom. Dr. Friedemann helped me identify the incidents in my life that had been the roots of my anxiety. Over the space of only a few months, his program aided me through not only to the complete removal of anxiety in my day to day life – but I am also far happier with myself and my life than I have been over the last few years. I highly recommend his services.

Thank you, Dr. Friedemann

Jack Brayn, Ireland

Anxiety, anger, and depression lost their tight grip

Dr. Friedemann offered a much needed solution to my anxiety. I gained a completely new perspective on a number of issues that kept me stuck in life. Anxiety, anger, and depression lost their tight grip since working with Dr. Friedemann. Our sessions together resulted in greater joy and freedom in my life. Interestingly, my life could have been full of joy and love before, however, I pushed it away. It is a great relief to me and my family to now realize my true capacity for giving and receiving love. I am very grateful for Dr. Friedemann and integrity of his work. Thank you!!


Sarah Brian, Colorado

I thank you so much for all your precious energy, guidance, compassion and care

Dr. Friedmann, I thank you so much for all your precious energy, guidance, compassion and care for me. I never had someone be in tune with me and help me see and understand who I am and who I am meant to be. I could have never realized without your help, that the past is a story, which is meant to be read and understood, but not to remain stuck in. I am a new, strong person who takes her power back every time anyone tries to take it. You helped me to have my life forever back.

Ingrid Aponte, Illinois

[Dr. Schaub] helped me heal those wounds of the past

My work with Dr. Schaub has been nothing short of miraculous! For years I had experienced fear and anxiety when I deeply cared about someone, whether it was someone I was in an intimate relationship with or even with a dear and close friend. I was frightened of being abandoned, of being replaced by someone else who was “better” than I was, someone who had “more to offer” than I did because who I was was not enough, that I had nothing of value to offer anyone. Working with Dr. Schaub, who not only is extremely skilled, but is also a very kind, caring, compassionate, perceptive and exceptional human being, helped me get to the root of those feelings and beliefs. We worked over the phone where he created a very safe and trusting environment. His warmth, attentive listening, intuitive questions, and specific processes (homework too!) all helped me heal those wounds of the past and fill my heart with love, acceptance and compassion for myself. I am a totally different person and I can’t thank Dr. Schaub enough. I feel so blessed to have found him and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He truly is a gift to humanity!

Alanna Miller, New York

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Shaun R

I was able release unconscious emotions and old core beliefs

Thank you Dr. Schaub for this amazing journey. I knew that struggles are also an opportunity to grow and this time, Dr. Schaub showed me that it was time to own my past and recognize the true gifts, which I had expressed during dark times. From the first session on, I was impressed and excited to discover how I was able release unconscious emotions and old core beliefs. Friedemann is a compassionate, generous and brilliant professional. He cares, supports and empowers you in a gentle, attentive, firm, and powerful presence. Don’t hesitate to work with him if you are struggling – he will help you to become unstuck and find your true potential.

Odile Monroy, Spain

I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason

When I first had my panic attack, I thought it was an isolated issue and soon was able to forget about it. The second time, I had a full blown panic attack/anxiety, again I was able to take medications and soon was off the medications and the signs and symptoms disappeared. But this last onset of the anxiety threw me for a loop. I did not know what was happening and why I was so fearful to the point of not being able to move. The rest which you are aware of.

When I was searching what to do and who can I contact to help me, I found your name on the internet. For whatever reason, I was drawn to you again and again. I first purchased your book/CD, then I finally contacted you and here I am several years later.

When I sought your help, I was in a deep and dark place experiencing depression with severe immobilizing fear and anxiety, which I had never felt.  As we continue to work together, I can now say with confidence that I am almost free from anxiety. Just the difference from last year to this year, I am a different person. You have helped me realize who I am and what I am capable of. I never knew that, with what had happened to me as a child and how I learned to think and believe would have a significant impact in my life to the point of total fear. I did not realize that I was thinking so negatively.

What you have taught me is that I am unconditionally loved and supported by the higher power and all the people around me such as my family. I always have had faith in the higher power, but did not totally believe that I have always been supported from moment to moment. I also learned that I am a good and strong person capable of taking care of myself and others in any situation.

I have now changed the way I observe my thoughts or situation and have made a significant progress in reducing the negative self-talk. I learned to respect and treat myself with compassion and care and not allow others to treat me any different. (WOW! I can speak up for myself, which is huge). I am no longer giving my power away and allow others to make me feel small. (Work in progress) I feel more confident about the future and continue to work to eliminate the occasional anxiety that I feel (i.e. Flying/sleep issues) and, now have noted that when I am working with clients at the hospital who have attempted suicide I feel more anxious. I do not know why this is a trigger and would like to explore further to resolve any subconscious reasons.

Dr. Friedemann, you have been a blessing for me, you have supported me in a professional, yet compassionate way without judgement through my journey. I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason. I always keep you in my prayers and feel that I am so blessed in having known you not just you as a practitioner, but as a person. I feel that I have made a friend from across the globe and hopefully can one day meet you in person to say THANK YOU.

Shelina Shamji, Canada

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Alice C

Getting to know and love my younger self has changed my life forever

I lived much of life keeping anxiety at bay, but when an accident occurred in my mid-thirties it triggered a level of stress that I had never known before. For over a year, I struggled to enjoy the little things in life, and then I came across the work of Dr. Friedemann Schaub. Through our sessions, the homework and listening to his calm meditations, my experience in daily life began to change. I began to laugh, have more energy and stay calm in the face of adversity. I have had therapy before, but the work we did together was different. It was more thorough, and got me thinking about tough questions that ultimately led to my emotional freedom. Getting to know and love my younger self has changed my life forever. While it has been absolutely incredible to enjoy friendships and be motivated to innovate at work again, what I am most grateful for is my new relationship with myself. Before my work with Dr. Friedemann I was exhausted from being at war with difficult emotions. I am forever grateful to Dr. Friedemann for sharing so much wisdom with me, and having so much patience as I changed over the course of our sessions. My new mindset has put me on a new and wonderful path. My life is richer and more authentic than I ever realized it could be. Thank you, Dr. Friedemann!

Jennifer Welter

I couldn’t believe how far I had come

I have struggled with anxiety my entire adult life, and at 49 I felt like it was something that would always be a part of me and always need managing.  At the time that I began working with Dr. Schaub I was surviving each day, but not enjoying my life.  My mind was constantly filled with feelings of dread, and negative thoughts about myself, I was truly stuck!  I had only 8 sessions with Dr. Schaub and I can’t believe how much my life has changed.

During my last session he read back to me the list of issues that I felt I needed to work on, a list that I had created before our first session, and I couldn’t believe how far I had come.  Many of the issues that weighed so heavily on me a few months before, I had entirely forgotten about.  Many I realized we had never discussed in our sessions, but they had resolved on their own due to our work together to reprogram my thinking on a cellular level. I’ve been to therapists in the past in an effort to resolve my issues with anxiety, but even after years of sessions, never felt that I made much progress.  Dr. Schaub’s methods are different from anything I’ve ever tried, but they make so much sense and more importantly, they work!  I can never thank Dr. Schaub enough for his guidance and wisdom.

Amy Sagerson, Washington

You won’t feel alone once you start consulting Dr. Schaub

The trouble with us humans is that we seriously start to seek help only when we are pushed against the wall. In the same desperate moment, my intense search led me to a short YouTube video of Dr. Schaub. I knew immediately the subject matter he was talking about. I wasted no time in setting up my free assessment call. I am still amazed how quickly through Dr. Schaub’s support I was able to recover from almost losing myself in anxiety to now feeling confident and at peace. All those worries, anxiety & fear is gone like they were never once part of my life. You won’t feel alone once you start consulting Dr. Schaub; care is embedded in his coaching style. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, negative thoughts, fear & anxiety ask him for your free assessment call, now. This investment is the best gift to yourself.

Zahir Sha, Philippines

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Annie H

I am happier than I have ever been in my life

Dr. Schaub guided and helped me to break through a very tough period where I was feeling a lot of anxiety. On the surface, everything in my life seemed to be going great. But my mind was still troubled with feelings of great anxiety and I was not sure why. Before meeting Dr. Schaub, there were many times when I felt tempted to go on medication because I didn’t believe there was another way to deal with the situation. In my first conversation with Dr. Schaub, he assured me that it was possible to get through it and that working with him would not be like finding a magic a cure, but more like outgrowing the problem. I was skeptical because I had worked with other therapists on the same problem without seeing profound changes. But Dr. Schaub was exactly right. During our first session, I reconnected with aspects of myself that had been buried deep down for years. This was a profoundly moving experience which was the catalyst for an intense period of introspection and growth, which ultimately allowed me to see my life from a much better and more joyful perspective. I am still amazed at how much positive and lasting change I experienced with just a handful of sessions with Dr. Schaub. I am happier than I have ever been in my life and so many people have noticed and commented on how much more relaxed and happy I seem. My experience working with Dr. Schaub was priceless and I am grateful for it every day.

Elizabeth Poh, Washington

[He] show[s] the root cause and the symptoms of my challenges

Dr. Schaub’s is the first Practitioner that was able to clearly describe and take me through the journey of connecting mind and body. His unique blend of very in depth understanding of the body as well as its connection to the mind allows him to develop techniques and exercises that will improve any aspect of your life. His ability to show the root cause and the symptoms of my challenges allowed me to see the challenge differently. And all of this took place via Skype, between two continents!! Thank you Dr. Schaub for changing the way I see life and the challenges it throws at me. Thank you for changing my life Dr. Schaub.

AJ Missaghi, Australia

Working with Friedemann has helped me to come back to my Self in a gentle and loving way

Working with Friedemann has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. We worked together during my separation and eventual end of my 14 year marriage. Through his work, I was able to really feel down to the core of myself amidst many different emotions. I was not only able to identify difficult parts of myself that needed recognition, I was able to really feel into these parts. More than just intellectually understanding these parts of myself, I had a deeper sense and connection in my body of these difficult aspects that called for my attention. For the first time ever, after 25 years of personal growth and inquiry, I was able to “get” the concept of my higher Self; the part of myself that is always there for me, to love me, hold me, accept me. Just as I am. Friedemann’s ability to hold space, guide and support me to find the deeper truth about myself helped to empower me to move through this difficult time in a real way, making space for everything that arises. Working with Friedemann has helped me to come back to my Self in a gentle and loving way.

Kerry Patterson, Colorado

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Louisa F

Make the investment in yourself!

Dr. Schaub was a big help to me in guiding me to put life in perspective, focus on what I wanted to accomplish and let go of patterns and thinking that did not serve me. Life is a journey, it is a continual process of learning, growing and adapting. Now I feel much better in knowing I have tools to empower myself. I embrace each day, and I choose to get the most out of it and myself. His personal sessions are very effective along with the Webinar he offers. I would recommend, without any hesitation, Dr. Schaub to anyone who wants to take the next step in finding and engaging their true essence self that lives within all of us, but sometimes gets lost under the cloud of fear and anxiety.

Make the investment in yourself! Thank you, Dr. Schaub.

Nick Spates, Georgia

It is a powerful method

The work with Dr Friedemann has been incredibly helpful in helping me reaching my goal.  It is a powerful method and it has helped me to center myself. I feel relaxed, happy and aware. I thank you for working with me.

Margaretha Wilkens, NY

I recommend staying with the daily routines Dr. Friedemann provides you

The work with Dr Friedemann has been incredibly helpful in helping me reaching my goal. It is a powerful method and it has helped me to center myself. I feel relaxed, happy and aware. I thank you for you for working with me.

I came to Dr. Friedemann based on the advice of a friend of mine who battled anxiety and a paralyzing fear of flying; he had terrific success in overcoming these fears with Dr. Friedemann.

My fear and anxiety were persistent and pervasive throughout my lifetime and I felt these two issues held me back in so many ways. While it was my divorce that brought me to Dr. Friedemann, I uncovered so many other underlying issues that not only helped me come to terms with my divorce and the circumstances surrounding the end of my marriage, but I also saw it as an opportunity for growth and discovery.

When I look at my notes and hear myself talk during our first sessions, I hear and see a completely different person that was insecure, frightened and clinging to a marriage and a way of life that didn’t make sense. In comparison, when I look at myself now, I have brought out that inner self that has been the confident and self-assured man that hid behind the veil of a frightened child who worried about what others thought. I have noticed the change and so have friends, family and colleagues. The work with the subconscious mind powerful indeed and I recommend staying with the daily routines Dr. Friedemann provides you with.

More importantly, buy the book since it lays out the plan and helps make sense of where you are going. The real power is knowing that you can stand on your own two feet; you don’t need anyone or a pill to help you overcome the anxiety that has lingered and prevented you from getting the most out of life.

Chris Minske, Washington

Dr. Friedemann possesses a unique ability to provide a safe environment that promotes healing

By the time I discovered Dr. Friedemann, I had been dealing with serious medical issues and I had tried many different healing approaches, without success. Fear and anxiety were getting the best of me. I had the sense that there were unconscious forces sabotaging my progress, no matter how hard I tried.  Dr. Friedemann’s  sessions and techniques are designed to tap into subconscious material, and unlock and release them. I never felt safer addressing my fears. Dr. Friedemann possesses a unique ability to provide a safe environment that promotes healing. He is not only intellectually gifted, but a warm, genuine and compassionate human being. I got solid results, not only about my health, but about letting go of fear, anxiety, perfectionism, among other feelings. This allowed me to greatly improve my professional life, my interpersonal relationships and, mostly important, my connection with myself and my inner world.  I can sincerely say that I have not experienced fear and anxiety since I went through Dr. Friedemann’s program. I am very grateful and will be forever indebted to Dr. Friedemann and the work he is doing in the world.

Renata Perera, New York

Dr. Schaub helped me […] bring tremendous relief from my suffering

When I began working with Dr. Schaub, I was at the lowest point of my entire life. Intense grief from mother’s death triggered severe anxiety which triggered immobilizing panic attacks and eventually morphed into full post-traumatic stress disorder. While I understood I was missing my mom, I had no idea why my grief had become so paralyzing. Through his personal breakthrough and empowerment program Dr. Schaub helped me uncover the source of this deep disturbance and bring tremendous relief from my suffering, inner healing and understanding. Today I am free of the emotional chaos that was triggered by mother’s death and living a life of clarity and purpose. I strongly recommend Dr. Schaub as a skilled, highly educated professional who works from a genuine concern to bring healing and freedom to his clients. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and a fulfilling life awaits.

Deborah Harper, California

I have learned to trust my body and my inner wisdom

My work with Dr. Friedemann has been an incredible experience. I have gained and learned so much.  I am now free of old patterns that used to work against me and have learned to create new, healthy ways to live and thrive. I no longer struggle but live fearlessly with passion. Most of all, I have learned to trust my body and my inner wisdom. That allowed to me to heal, even though other doctors told me it was impossible. I now know that everything is possible. Thank you, Dr. Friedemann,  for being there for me 100%, for your wisdom and knowledge, and for being my guide on my path to wholeness.



Mary Mactheis, Washington

Dr. Friedemann’s guidance has brought me out of life-long depression

In my work with Dr Friedemann, I became aware of many life-long negative patterns that affected my self-perception. I had been conscious of some of these self-defeating patterns, but was astounded at how many and how deeply they can be rooted. I discovered parts of myself that I had submerged. The anxiety, fears, worries, and negative approach to life were telling me these parts needed love, acceptance, and upliftment. I’m a pediatrician and have no trouble being compassionate and treating children with unconditional love.

Dr. Friedemann’s techniques and guidance has brought me out of life-long depression. It has been such a joy to be able to unconditionally love myself. Recognizing, accepting, and developing alternative ways of dealing with fears, anxiety, and the underlying self has revolutionized my life. Being in touch with the joy and enjoyment of life makes being here on Earth infinitely better. And to remember to practice, practice, practice these principles and techniques helps keep me free of anxieties and fears that I had allowed to restrict my life.

S.A. Williams

It is so much easier to just be who I am

I asked my husband what he sees as the biggest change since working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub. His response was quick and easy: “You are back in control of your life, it isn’t controlling you.” This is close to true. It was actually in letting go of my need to control that things came back into perspective.

After a series of unfortunate events (job loss, marriage problems, family problems, health problems) I was finally forced to admit that I needed to change. I just had my first daughter and saw what an innocent, loving soul she is, and realized in that moment that at some point I too was that loveable. What could happen in my daughter’s life that would no longer make her deserving of my love? NOTHING.  There was a glimmer of recognition in that moment that I too must still be loveable.

The outside of me looks much different since beginning my work with Dr. Friedemann Schaub. I have lost 50 lbs. I smile more. I can wear grey tops now because I no longer sweat at every social interaction. At first, people asked if something was wrong. I no longer felt the need to be the entertainer during parties and have remembered how to just be myself. Then a funny thing happened. The more quiet I was, the more people were drawn to me. People don’t have to ask if everything is OK anymore. They are getting used to what they see as the new me, and who I see as the old me. I am able to be honest and not always give a canned answer. I can speak the truth. My friendships have become richer and more plentiful. My family dynamic has taken a turn for the better. Being my genuine self is much easier and less draining than being whom I thought I was supposed to be. It is so much easier to just be who I actually am.

My hopes in working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub were to be able to function through my depression and anxiety. I wanted to stop having piles of mail just shoved into paper bags and thrown in the back room when guests were coming. I wanted to be able to get out of bed in the morning and face life without needing to schedule something to ensure that I would shower that day. I wanted to care about eating before I became so hungry I was cranky. I wanted to have a voice mailbox that was not full. I wanted to not be afraid to answer the phone when I didn’t recognize the number.

I hadn’t even dreamed that I could actually not be depressed or anxious. I didn’t dare hope to actually love myself. These are the things I really wanted in the deepest recesses of my heart. I have them. My hopes were surpassed. My dreams are becoming reality. I used to feel alone in my sorrow and pain. There is not a moment in life that I feel alone anymore. I always have me. That is enough.

Once you know something you can’t un-know it. Sometimes we forget. But now I remember. I remember seeing the world through child’s eyes full of hope and wonder. I see the world this way again, but with added wisdom through my years of life experience. I remember feeling safe as a small child when I was visiting my grandparents. I feel safe now in my own home with my own family. The changes that others see only scratch the surface of the real changes. I am back to me.

I feel empowered in the decisions I make in my life. I do not “have control” as my husband would see it. I am empowered. Empowered enough to go ahead and let him realize I’m not actually in control and that is totally OK. My life is mine again and I am so grateful to have it back!

Hilary Franks, Oregon

My life has become fuller, richer, and more authentic

Through my work with Dr. Friedemann Schaub, I’ve discovered ways of letting go of a lifetime of fears and self-imposed limitations that kept my life small, detached, and guarded. While it took a great deal of honesty and self-reflection, the results have been incredibly powerful. My life has become fuller, richer, and more authentic. I have allowed myself to engage in more honest relationships, both professional and personal.

Life can get away from us. I made a very conscious effort to change. With the help of Dr. Schaub, I have learned to embrace life and will be forever grateful.

Guido Palau

If not for [you] I would not have been able to even think I could come back to the University

I am so so grateful for the skills I have learned through our work. They really help me to keep things in perspective when life at the University gets too difficult. I got my first feedback on coursework I wrote, and I was able to get a first class mark in it.

If not for the program and your help I would not have been able to even think I could come back to the University and settle in.  I really appreciate your help and I honestly thank God for you and the program.

Morinsola Reis, England

Thank you again for helping me overcome my fear of flying – I cannot thank you enough.

For years I have been suffering from extreme fear of flying, which affected my career and my private life. After only one session with Dr. Schaub this problem has been resolved. I just got back from my trip to Europe a week ago. The flight there and back was a piece of cake. I used the tools Dr. Schaub gave me and listened to the self-hypnosis CD, BE FREE – and everything was just fine. Thank you again for helping me overcome my fear of flying. I cannot thank you enough. This gives my life a whole new twist and I can travel to far away places as I please, and of course visit my folks more often. You are the best!!

Elena Lonore, Washington

[Dr. Schaub] was truly my life saver

There are no words to express what Dr. Schaub did to help me during the most difficult time of life when I was struggling with fear and anxiety.

God gave me a precious gift when I meet Dr. Schaub; he was truly my life saver. So many times I felt like I was drowning and then he would give me the tools and compassion to make me feel safe in discovering my true self.

Dr. Schaub helped me navigate through this amazing journey that let me know that the universe is wonderful and full of favor.

I will be forever grateful for the work, compassion and kindness that Dr. Schaub provided as I found my way back to a great life. I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with fear and anxiety to reach out to Dr. Schaub and start your journey home today.

In hard times I have learned three things

  • I am stronger then I imagined
  • God is closer than I ever realized
  • And that I am loved more than I ever knew

Thank you Dr. Schaub for helping me know that I am an amazing person and worthy of life’s greatness.

Jennifer Currier

I was able to let go of life-long struggles with anxiety and insecurity, which had recently turned into a chronic auto-immune disease

My work with Dr. Schaub has been an incredible experience.  I was able to let go of life-long struggles with anxiety and insecurity, which had recently turned into a chronic auto-immune disease. I am now healed, physically and emotionally, and feel happier and more at peace than ever. Through working with Dr. Schaub I have learned how to heal myself, how to be whole again and how to be myself. I have learned to trust my inner wisdom, to change old patterns that don’t work for me any more, to create new, healthy ways of living that help me thrive in life. I know, that if I continue to I live fearlessly and with passion, anything is possible. Thank you, Dr. Schaub, for being there for me 100%, for your wisdom and knowledge, and for being my guide on my path to wellness.

Mary Macenka, Washington

Working with [you] has helped me to clear away fears and insecurities that have kept me from being me

I called you all the way from New Zealand. Working with your personal break-through program and the journey to Egypt has helped me to clear away fears and insecurities that have kept me from being me for a long time. I have done plenty of different programs and they have all helped but this felt like the icing on the cake. I am now more a friend to myself than ever before, comfortable in my own body and clear about what I am here to do. I also have available a stronger spiritual connection, especially after the Egypt trip. Most of all, you have continually reminded me to be kind and easy on myself. I will be eternally grateful to you and Danielle and the angel that guided me to find you all the way around the world.

Ann Burns, New Zealand

[Dr. Schaub’s Book] resonated in a way that other resources did not

Nothing made sense about how I felt about life. I had a happy family, great friends, my full health and a soaring career which afforded me an enviable lifestyle. The more success I had, the worse I felt inside.

Although I usually kept myself busy enough during the day at work to escape my feelings, my downtime was filled with feelings of anxiety and depression. I was worried about everything and constantly imagined doomsday scenarios about my future, none of which were reasonable or consistent with past experiences. I anticipated that at some point I would fail, though I never had. The more I tried to stay on top of the uncertainties of life, the worse I got. All my time with my family was spent in a fearful darkness, I could no longer feel any pleasure. I then went through 5 years of anti-depressants which lifted most of the symptoms. However, the side effects were awful and made me feel disconnected from my emotional life. I decided that this was not a good life and that there must be a better way.

After reading many books, seeing a number of therapists and countless hours on the web, I encountered “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” by Dr. Friedemann Schaub.  I read the book and worked through the exercises. I found that it resonated in a way that other resources did not. It helped me to peel away the layers of the past and challenge beliefs I had held about myself unconsciously.

It showed me that different periods of my childhood had instilled deep and buried feelings of worthlessness and that I later developed compensating heroic beliefs. Both of these opposing beliefs remained in conflict with each other and with my present self and manifested themselves as two unconscious personalities – a protector personality and a hero personality. Both hiding in plain sight!

Dr. Friedemann’s approach helped me to uncover, reconcile and value these parts of my psyche, while at the same time building a new set of mature beliefs founded in reality and self compassion. We completed a series of one-to-one counseling sessions using Skype which repeated, refreshed and enhanced the steps in the book and helped me to develop a plan to sustain my progress and work on a new reality. I have now been over a year free of drugs and irrational anxiety. I enjoy life now and have a wholesome sense of self belief that I didn’t realize was missing in the first place. I no longer seek external validation and I no longer have the constant sense that my world is going to come crumbling down. I used to spend so much of my mental life fighting imaginary demons. Now I spend my time doing the things I enjoy and have a renewed vigour and lust for life and all it has to offer. If you are determined to reject the narrative that anxiety, depression and anti depressants are inevitable consequences of modern life and are prepared to do the work, then Dr. Friedemann’s methods can work for you to create a different reality. It is not just about eliminating the negative thinking, but creating a thought system that provides for a rich and fulfilling mental life.

Dr Friedemann is a wonderful person and I enjoyed all our interactions. His program has been transformational for me and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

David Meaghar, Ireland

Dr. Friedemann’s work with me saved my life in a powerful way

After years of not being fully successful with my healing process and suffering a great deal because of it, I happened to listen to one of Dr. Friedemann’s radio shows online. Upon hearing his voice and listening to his points of view, I felt that he would be the person to help me. I had spent years in therapy without any results. Not getting the proper care, I took it upon myself to research about healing modalities and had made some gains, but nothing that would heal me completely.

Dr. Friedemann has a unique ability to understand a problem fully and is able to help you face the issue and let it go through deep understanding. After only a few sessions, I was able to sense a difference in my outlook and state of mind and body. I felt more focused. My awareness and energy increased. I had more self-confidences and began to feel more gratitude toward myself and my life.

I can safely say that Dr. Friedemann’s work with me saved my life in a powerful way. I could have reached some state of resolution with other healers, but it would have taken much more time and it would not have been as complete and permanent. By the time our work ended, I was able to feel myself as the person I truly am – free from anxiety, more centered and with a great deal of appreciation for my life and who I am. Dr. Friedemann’s genuine care and deep understanding, coupled with a focused and loving attention to minute details of your issues enables him to make connections where others fail. Furthermore, he is not afraid to tell you what he perceives as right and wrong and how to proceed. Unlike others who are intimated by the process of giving advice, Dr. Friedemann makes daily recommendations in the process of recovery and encourages you to follow those steps.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Friedemann to those who are ready to let go of their pain once and for all, and move into a more fulfilling life, led by a holistic relationship between your body, mind, heart and spirit so that you are not singlehandedly leaning on will power or intellect alone; in other words, a balanced life, free from anxiety and self limiting beliefs. It is true, you can heal.

Myriam Zah, Florida

Our work together has helped me change my life in a BIG way

Working with Dr. Friedemann has freed me from many many self-defeating patterns that have plagued me all my life. When I started with him I felt & believed I was a prisoner of my life – over the years the beliefs had worn me down & almost taken away my soul.

On the journey I discovered more negative beliefs than I was aware of & they were quite entangled & multifaceted – no wonder they had been driving me crazy & draining my life force for so long. I was riddled with guilt/shame, had almost given up.

Through the process of working with Dr. Friedemann – together we unraveled my history & the deep internalization of the stories around it – which caused me deep pain & suffering.  As this happened it (the past) began to have less power over me & at the same time my inner strength & self-love grew. I now have a voice after sitting in shame for decades. I now know what inner strength is.

Dr. Friedmann has so many qualities that make him such a pleasure to work with – namely his sincerity & want to affect real & deep change. His compassion & sensitivity that allow him to understand situations I’m sure he has never himself experienced. But by far his biggest strength for me was his ability to piece together a muddled messy history that taunted me.  It felt so good to verbally express my thoughts, emotions & strong feelings & have them heard & then expressed back to me in a way that helped me make sense of it all.  I guess it felt like validation & allowed me to then release it & finally become free. Our work together has helped me change my life in a BIG way – but in a gentle way. It wasn’t the way I expected – it wasn’t easy at times. But I am changed, calmer, free & happy.

I’m on MY path now & am moving forward with life in my way. After so many years of people pleasing & tension in my life & body, I now feel renewed & more relaxed. I have a sense of ease – a feeling I didn’t believe I would ever have.

In much gratitude & appreciation,

Marnie Jess, Australia

I finally got dramatic and lasting improvement with my migraine headaches

I saw Dr. Schaub, because of debilitating migraine headaches. After 10 years of frustration and no help from conventional doctors or alternative therapies – as well as thousands of dollars in useless medication -I finally got dramatic and lasting improvement with my migraine headaches in only a matter of a few sessions. The work with Dr. Schaub gave me my life back and I recommend him unreservedly.

Melanie W

My pain [from abdominal adhesions] was absolutely gone

I came to see Friedemann after living for several years with severe abdominal and back pain. I heard about him from a naturopathic physician and then I visited his website. Of course I was impressed after reading the many testimonials, but I was also skeptical. I knew the source of my pain was abdominal adhesions and I could not fathom how seeing Friedemann could help me. Intellectually I knew there was a connection between emotions/thinking/feelings and medical issues, but on another level I was beginning to be resigned to living with pain. On my first visit I was struck with the notion that Friedemann was a very special person and he had an energy about him that I knew was unusual and rare. I still wasn’t convinced that anything could help me, but I decided to continue with an open mind. A week or so after my second visit with Friedemann one day I noticed that my pain was gone. A few days later I noticed that I was extremely HAPPY. He kept calling me to see how I was doing and I kept hesitantly telling him I was fine, but only after a few weeks did I realize how fine I was. My pain was absolutely gone. It has now been several months, and I know beyond certainty that Friedemann saved me from a close brush with middle age!! I have also been amazed by Friedemann’s genuine concern for me. My initial intuition that he is very special person was spot on. Never in my life have I felt as on track as I do now. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Donna K

I was able to break through many subconscious issues

For someone like me who has already done much work around self discovery, work with Friedemann was just the ticket. I was able to break through many subconscious issues that were still leaving me stuck. I feel freer and happier than I have ever felt in my life.

Deborah B

Prior to working with Dr. Friedemann nothing seemed to help me to overcome these challenges

I was dealing with depression, anxiety and insomnia, and prior to working with Dr. Friedemann nothing seemed to help me to overcome these challenges. Through our work together, I was able to authentically learn and truly understand the deeper root causes of my challenges and how my past, even prior to birth, had impacted my life emotionally and psychologically. I was able to let go of unwarranted guilt, anxiety and anger and feel now that I have a much stronger foundation of inner peace and confidence – and I have the tools, which will continue to support me through-out my life’s journey. Thank you Dr. Friedemann.

Alicia L

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is going through psychological or physical trauma and unresolved issues to see Dr. Schaub

When I was told that the contracts would not be renewed for the agency where I worked, at first I was numb. Within a couple of weeks – after I had done all the work that needed to be done to close the entire program, I became ill. I had an extraordinary amount of pain all over my body. I was losing my voice. I was extremely fatigued. I became nonchalant about my relationship with my husband, actually ignoring him. I was seriously concerned that I did not have the energy to work a full time job. A friend recommended I go see Dr. Friedemann Schaub. After only 2 sessions, there was a vast improvement in my energy and my pain. After 4 sessions, I was a new person. My voice is back and I have more energy and less pain than I have had for years. I no longer feel like an old person and my relationship with my husband has greatly improved. I have a completely different attitude toward the world and myself. I know that most of the time the right answer for me is within myself and I just need to listen and get in touch with myself. I understand much more about how the mind and body are linked to make up the person we are. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is going through psychological or physical trauma and unresolved issues to see Dr. Schaub.

Darlene F

I was able to utilize the mind/body [to] keep the hives from coming back

I suffered from severe hives, especially on my face, for 5 years. It was so bad I could not even leave the house. When Western Medicine offered no solution I tried many alternative approaches. I was put on an extremely restricted diet which really impacted my quality of life. It was not until I worked with Dr. Schaub that I was able to utilize the mind/body connection that would keep the hives from coming back over and over again. I am so thankful for the freedom this work has brought back into my life. I am now eating pretty much everything I want and live without the concerns of breaking-out into hives again. I believe that through the power of the mind, we can heal many physical ailments. Working with Schaub was integral to this achievement for me.

Amy S

Dr. Schaub helped me to love and respect myself

You are put on this earth to do things that make yourself happy, and to know that the one person that can make you happy is yourself. This was something I never really fully understood until I started to work with Dr. Schaub. I thought I was this tough girl, who could take on the world and to help everyone and anyone who needed my help. With this I lost who I was, what made me happy and why I did things. Dr. Schaub opened my eyes to see that I needed to do things for myself, and that I could be a tough girl but also honor my sensitive side. I always thought it had to be one or the other. I had this idea that if someone had a problem, whether it be money, boys, school, etc. that I had to help them and put myself second. I am only 19 years old and I had felt like I had to take the whole world on my shoulders. Now I am able to create healthy boundaries from a place of confidence and self-worth and focus on the things that I need to do for myself. Dr. Schaub helped me to love and respect myself – honestly his program changed my life and the way that I look at life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Dr. Schaub.

Sarah F

This process can help transform all aspects of one’s life

I started seeing Dr. Schaub because physically I had menstrual problems, insomnia, back pain, skin rashes, and was exhausted. Emotionally, I lacked confidence and was overwhelmed. I am delighted with the results of the work we have done together in only six sessions. I feel stronger, my periods are regular, I sleep well, my pain has eased, and my skin cleared up. I feel confident, positive, and my personal relationships have greatly benefited. The Cellular Wisdom program has definitely been a key element to my swift resolution of a variety of difficulties. Dr. Schaub is an extremely likable and professional person. He provided me with precise techniques that I can continue using at home. This process can help transform all aspects of one’s life. I am really happy with how I feel now and know I have excellent tools for dealing with any future difficulties.

Rose T

Dr. Schaub’s Personal Break-through Program has been, by far, the most effective method

I live in New York and worked with Dr. Schaub over the phone. At first, before signing up, I had doubts, remembering that rare telephone therapy session in my past with other therapists when I couldn’t make it in person. Dr. Schaub’s Personal Break-through Program has been, by far, the most effective method that I encountered. After a few sessions, Time Line Therapy® brought about dramatic changes in my life. Dr. Schaub has been for me, an enlightening, powerful yet compassionate voice which, through an amazing system of intellectual and spiritual “maneuvers and negotiations” masterfully helped me through the intricate maze, and out of the depths of grief and depression. I cannot say enough! I think that Dr. Schaub’s system, which helped me “see” my way out of my desperate situation, was enhanced by the fact that all distractions were removed because it was over the telephone. For this reason, I had the good fortune to achieve, to my surprise, a level of concentration and a depth of connection to the subject at hand, that I never did in a conventional therapy sitting. I am very grateful that Dr. Schaub offers his outstanding therapy program over the phone.

Elizabeth M

I am now walking my path, feeling alive and free

When I first came to see Dr. Schaub, my life was upside down, inside out, and backwards. I was in huge distress that had taken a lifetime to build up, culminating in a very difficult divorce and very serious depression. Friedemann helped me to get in touch with me again, and to see that my life was indeed worth living. Through my work with him I was able to develop a vision of myself as a strong, powerful, and confident woman who has a lot of my own special gifts to offer the world. I learned to listen to my heart and my mind, and to take better care of myself, so that I could start to reconnect with living my life in much more meaningful ways.

When I traveled to Egypt with Friedemann and Danielle in 2006, this process was further deepened, and my life was further transformed. I learned about the ancient mysteries of Egypt that are still very much alive and well today. I learned how to pick up all the pieces of my life and put them back together again in an all new form, so that I am supported every step of my way from now on. I learned to trust in the wisdom of my inner voice, rather than silencing it almost to the point of letting it die.

As a result of my work with Friedemann, I am now walking my path, feeling alive and free. I am listening to my inner guidance, and trusting it without any doubts. I am learning to live without fear, in a place of abundance rather than lack, and I am learning how to create a life that I love, one step at a time. And I will keep on walking.

Lea D

What Dr. Schaub actually does defies description

I spent many years exploring a broad spectrum of healing arts and self-help strategies before meeting Dr. Schaub. I thought I had amassed all the necessary tools and understanding to navigate any crisis or penetrate any impasse. So why was I still utterly fatigued and frustrated that life continued to feel like perpetual crisis, unbreakable impasse, and a daily marathon of swimming upstream in a river of stress? What Dr. Schaub actually does defies description, but his extraordinary combination of gifts – his skills and training, experience, intellect, sensitivity, compassion, and deep understanding of mind-body connections through the dual lenses of science and spirit – is immensely and uniquely powerful. He has an other-worldly capacity for asking the right questions, listening thoughtfully, “seeing” who each individual really is and can be, and seamlessly integrating a palette of effective techniques to get to the truth of what matters. With laser-like focus, he created easier access to the strengths within me to flush away toxic thoughts and feelings and diffuse primary sources of struggle. I feel like the most troublesome and difficult aspects of life, which I had long seen through the front windshield hurtling toward me, are now receding in the rear view mirror.

Stephen C

It’s his intuition, compassion, and selfless commitment to healing that sets him apart

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt completely devastated and powerless. Then I started working with Friedemann. After only a few sessions, the results for me have been astounding. Despite living with a cancer diagnosis, I nevertheless have now less anxiety, more vitality, greater self-knowledge, a new and profound belief in my own healing power and more confidence and joy than ever before. Describing my work with someone as multi-faceted and talented as Friedemann is not easy. Even beyond his amazing knowledge base, I think above all it’s his intuition, compassion, and selfless commitment to healing that sets him apart. What greater gifts can a healer offer?

Terry L

I was going through life with blinders on

Anxiety is a very isolating and challenging condition. It narrowed my world and my experiences so much that day to day life became a struggle for me. I cannot thank Dr. Friedemann Schaub enough for opening up my mind and my heart to see that there’s so much more than the way I was living. I was going through life with blinders on and was so consumed with my thoughts, expectations and worries. Dr. Schaub helped me break those patterns and helped me learn that I could be someone capable, strong and caring without my anxiety. Life can be so much more if you commit to tackling your fears. If you are struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact him! He will change your life.

Katrina Jones

I am so glad that my friend recommended him to me

Seeing Dr. Friedemann Schaub helped me to transcend decades of feeling resentful towards my father. I was amazed that he was able to help lead me to the source of my anger so quickly, and once there, provided such incredible insight and understanding that all the years of anger and anxiety literally disappeared. I am more centered, confident and am able to happily “let life flow” because of my work with Dr. Schaub. His unique approach has changed my life and I am forever grateful to have worked with such a gifted, special human being. I am so glad that my friend recommended him to me and that I said yes.

Paula W

I am so much better in every way and can never thank him enough

The work with Dr. Schaub has provided me with wonderful tools to remove my roadblocks in achieving what I want – in fact, with discovering what I want. I am using them continuously. I am so much better in every way and can never thank him enough for his care, skills, intelligence and compassion in our work together.

Margy N

I can move forward unencumbered

In the short time I worked with Dr. Schaub, I accomplished more than I have in 20 years of therapy. I feel Friedemann took me by the hand and helped me jump over the river of mental and emotional blocks, and begin a new way of being where I can move forward unencumbered by negative habits and memories.

Kris T

For the first time in my life I am happy with me!

Before I went to work with Dr. Schaub, I thought there was something wrong with me…. like I was wired wrong. I had no love for life, no appreciation for people or things around me. I was very sensitive to what others thought of me. I cried a lot, had huge amounts of anxiety, and was not happy with myself at all. I had been to lots of different types of counseling and therapy…. but nothing seemed to work. They seemed to just listen to me spill my guts on what had ‘happened’ that week and then I left an hour later. I never had any tools to help me through what was going on in my life and I didn’t feel any better. What Dr. Schaub did was completely different. Yes, I still talked about what was happening with me, but this time I really had tools and information to take home and apply in everyday life issues. I had no clue I could feel good about myself or look at myself in the mirror and be proud of who I see! For the first time in my life I am happy with me! I now address any times that used to be difficult for me with the tools I now have. My life is completely changed. Thank you Dr. Schaub!

Nomi F

By the end of our sessions, I had discontinued the anti-depressant medication […] I will never need to take them again

When I initially came to see Dr. Schaub, I envisioned working on a certain area of my life that caused me lot’s of anxiety for which I had been taking anti-depressants for many years and over which I was feeling quite helpless.

Almost immediately with his help and guidance, I was able to delve deeper into the essential concern and learned that it had little to do with my perceived notion. He helped me identify the blocks and issues that were really holding me back from leading a rich, full life with confidence and creativity. By the end of our sessions, I had discontinued the anti-depressant medication and feel quite confident, I will never need to take them again. Through a very safe and nurturing process, he taught me various simple techniques that I continue to practice daily with the very direct result of feeling energized for leading a beautiful, abundant life.

Working with him was a profound, life-changing experience, well worth the money. I truly consider Dr. Friedemann to be one of the worlds great healers.

Caroline B

For the first time in my life I feel like having the career and the life I’ve always dreamed of is within reach

After years of therapy and lots of other approaches to “inner work” I was still feeling blocked in my life – primarily in the area of my career – and unable to figure out what exactly was holding me back and how to transcend it. Through my work with Friedemann I was able to identify two subconscious parts of myself with distinctly different needs that had been leaving me feeling conflicted for years. I was able to learn to accept and appreciate these parts of myself and integrate them. As a result, I feel much more “whole” and at peace with myself. I also feel much more confident and free of the need to prove myself and compete with others. For the first time in my life I feel like having the career and the life I’ve always dreamed of is within reach. I highly recommend working with Friedemann!

Laurie B

I am freer and happier than I have been for many, many years

I have lived in a general state of anxiety and fear for some time and have felt powerless to change. After working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub, this has changed. Now, I love and appreciate myself and do not wait for others to make me feel loved. I realize that I have the power to take control of my life and that I have choices about who I want to be and what I want to affect my life. I feel greater peace, self acceptance and self love as well as more hope for my future. I am more in control of my life and consequently feel much less physical and emotional pain and I am freer and happier than I have been for many, many years.

Bonnie W

It took only 6 sessions for me to now feel grounded, light, cared for and loved by me

I was struggling with fibromyalgia and fatigue and depression for many years. My physician suggested to work with Dr. Schaub and Cellular Wisdom. I am so grateful for this suggestion. Dr. Schaub is an incredible practitioner, and has helped me on a level deeper than I ever dreamed of. I was enveloped in a tightly wound cocoon. With Dr. Schaub’s support and guidance, I revisited the creation of this cocoon, when I was quite young. That was only the beginning. It took only 6 sessions for me to now feel grounded, light, cared for and loved by me. After decades of working on myself with many practitioners, I am finally not “in therapy” anymore, which is refreshing and exciting to realize. Now I am able to do Yoga, take drawing classes, meditate and enjoy my 88 year old mother. I have my life back.

Magaret N

My professional life has changed completely

Thank you so so much! A year ago I kept saying that I needed to turn this “ship” around! The ship was my family, my health, my professional life. Everything was going in the wrong direction. I felt overwhelmed by how much I was failing. I’m so glad I found your work and went for it, because now when I look around me everything is wonderful! The family issues are behind us. We have all developed excellent relationships. My professional life has changed completely and is thrilling. My health is great and getting even better. I’m profoundly grateful to you, your work and to myself for dedicating myself to it.

Meta M

I have released chronic physical pain as well as old emotions and patterns

Working with Friedemann has changed my life in ways I could not imagine. I have actively worked on healing myself for most of my adult life and have been blessed to work with many gifted practitioners. Working with Friedemann has truly been life altering and lasting. Through the breakthrough sessions, homework and Friedemann’s intuitive sense, I was able to gain insights about my self value, self-talk and old patterns of being in the world. Consequently, I have released chronic physical pain as well as old emotions and patterns that burdened me for a long time. I am now embracing the authentic me! I am very grateful for the amazing and wonderful process Friedemann is offering, and for his continued guidance and dedication to my growth, well-being and success! Thank you.

Cate B

My wife has noticed [my positive changes] big time

Thank you, Friedemann. Your counsel and insight have helped me overcome hurdles and frustrations that have plagued me for years. Despite knowing what to do, I somehow couldn’t quite put those ideas into practice; at least not as much as I wanted. Although in reality I’m enormously blessed, I found myself with an almost continuous negative outlook, berating myself in my own mind and allowing my perfectionistic tendencies to make me miserable. Your encouraging support helped me see the reality about myself more clearly and take concrete actions that have improved the quality of my life. At the same time, you gently but firmly helped me recognize my accountability for my own experience. The practical tools you provided helped me finally “get it” – that I have the power to determine my experience of whatever life events may happen. I am experiencing much more happiness and peace as a result of our work together. And, as added frosting on the cake, my wife has noticed it big time. She sends thanks to you as well. Our best wishes for much success.

Douglas T

I’m moved to the point of tears with gratitude

Hello Friedemann; I have been amazing myself all morning–dancing to my favorite music with such enthusiasm and pure joy! I know now what it means to be FREE and to feel free in my own body and I’m moved to the point of tears with gratitude to myself for doing the work I needed to release my emotions and limiting beliefs to get to this point. You were so right when I first saw you and you said that I would one day look back on the cancer as a blessing. It has been the catalyst to change my life and I so want to thank you for your guidance. Your work is exceptional and so are you. Again, thank you so much.

Lauri J

I never expected to fully regain my ability, but I have

I went to see Friedemann Schaub to work on my PTSD symptoms that prevented me from driving on freeways or flying on planes. Before the PTSD I had flown and traveled throughout Africa and South America alone and now for the past 11 years I was not able to fly. There was a trip I wanted to take and I was looking for help. I had tried other forms of therapy before including EMDR and none of them made an impact on this condition. I was skeptical at first, but Friedemann won my trust quickly and his process was very powerful. I am happy to say that I have now drive on freeways and on bridges in backed up traffic with no concern. In addition I have taken two plane trips and am planning more for later in the year. I am free again. For me it is like the lame walking and the blind seeing— I never expected to fully regain my ability, but I have and am very grateful. I highly recommend working with Friedemann.

Patty D

The negative thoughts and behaviors have been released!

I started seeing Dr. Schaub for emotional and physical problems due to anxiety, worry, fear, and poor self esteem. I couldn’t sleep, my hair was falling out, and I felt depressed and overwhelmed. With his support and guidance, I’ve made remarkable progress in my overall health and well being. The negative thoughts and behaviors have been released! I feel strong, balanced, and in control of my life. Thank you Dr. Schaub.

Brenda T

The changes that have taken place are—on any objective scale—astonishing…miraculous

For quite a few years, I had been stuck—mired, in both my personal and professional life. Recognition as an artist, progress in relationships, new opportunities—everything seemed to be withheld. In despair, I finally confided in my MD (a trusted friend), who steered me to Dr. Friedemann Schaub. I’ve been working with Friedemann for the past seven months, and the changes that have taken place are—on any objective scale—astonishing…miraculous. Major relationships have been healed, the ripples of which are still spreading through my family. New opportunities have blossomed, and I suddenly find myself poised to enter the big leagues as an artist (something I’d been vainly striving to do for years). Things are FLOWING.

There’s no particular mystery to all this: When you clean up the big stuff in your life…then harness your mind and spirit…you will move in the direction you’re trying to go. It’s just that I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Friedemann. He is a unique and gifted healer, with enormous insight and boundless compassion. I recommend him to you fervently. He guided me back into life.

Bill W

His approach helped me remove old emotional blocks that were holding me back for many years

It is amazing how much better I feel about myself and my future after working with Friedemann. His approach helped me remove old emotional blocks that were holding me back for many years. I feel confident and fully accept myself now! Thank you for this life changing experience!

Anastasia M

Before I went to see Friedemann, I felt I was living a partial life

After years of therapy, Dr. Friedemann Schaub helped me see my way past years of traumas and negative patterns I just couldn’t seem to break. And we did it in only eight sessions. Before I went to see Friedemann, I felt I was living a partial life — both in terms of what I wanted to do and what I would let myself experience. Now, there are many times a day when I stop to notice how completely different I am – more fearless, loving, and joyful, and far more trusting and positive. I can’t recommend Friedemann highly enough.

Kelly M

Through his work I was able to take control of these issues by dealing with the root causes

I have struggled for years with fear and anxiety. Prior to working with Dr. Schaub, these problems had begun to affect the quality of my life. Not wanting to turn to prescription drugs, which in my opinion only mask these symptoms, I was referred to Dr. Schaub. Through his work I was able to take control of these issues by dealing with the root causes. Based on my experience, his techniques can empower and enable you to effectively overcome the sometimes seemingly helpless feelings of fear and anxiety.

Ryan C

I am just amazed of how confident and powerful I feel

I love to share my successes but I don’t even know where to begin because so many things go well in different areas of my life. I really attribute a lot of this to the work I did with Dr. Schaub. Living out of a state of joy and fun is a totally new concept for me and opens up so much. I have started to go out and meet people and I can’t even believe what I am experiencing. It sounds like bragging but I am just amazed of how confident and powerful I feel and how this attracts a whole lot of people to me. It is so amazing that I don’t act out of fear anymore but out of a sense of power. This is all so different than how I used to be and it is a different state of being than in the past.

In the past, I would feel intimidated, inferior and envious of other people who seemed more successful than me. But now I feel so at ease with myself and with people even if they own 50 million dollars. I don’t fear anymore that people will reject me or what they think about me. I don’t feel anymore cut off from life but part of the flow and feel so optimistic about the future. I used to be afraid to look into the mirror – now I look with love and tenderness and am so happy about what I see. I just love my life. I know it can’t always feel so upbeat and promising; but, next time I get sad or go through low times, I will not condemn it and won’t question if all the good times I had were simply an illusion.

I attribute my newly found confidence and joy to the work with Friedemann and to his understanding of what my desires were really about. It’s very powerful when someone sees you from a state of potentiality and Friedemann is always able to point out opportunities and learnings.

Brigitte G

I now laugh [and] detach from the dramas of my mind very easily

My work with Dr. Schaub helped me melt away years of anger, shame, pain, and the desire to be (and stay) small. My life-long dreams are now my daily life! I no longer hold on to anything that does not serve me, and gravitate to that which is connected to source with ease and gratitude. I was born a joyful person and now see and fully accept that love that shines through us all as human beings. Is my life always perfect? Of course not, but I now laugh at myself and detach from the dramas of my mind very easily. Thank you for the tools, guidance and caring to get me out of my own way!

Wanda B

Dr. Schaub [was] a huge part of this “miraculous” healing

When I started to work with Dr. Schaub I was suffering from Lichen Planus, a very unpleasant inflammation of my mouth,which did not seem to heal. I saw my specialist yesterday for a check of my mouth and he could not believe the improvement and asked me what I was doing differently. He had never seen such a turn around in any of his patients before. I told him about the work with Dr. Schaub and how it was a huge part of this “miraculous” healing. Needless to say that I am very grateful for the tools and the guidance Dr. Schaub provided me with!

Edel L

The results were amazing, life altering, and enlightening

Prior to beginning my work with Dr. Schaub, which we did over the phone, I was at a stalemate in my life. I was in a toxic marriage that affected my health, my business, and my spirit. Friedemann and I did 3 incredibly empowering sessions back to back. The results were amazing, life altering, and enlightening. Shortly after we concluded these sessions, I was able to release this long term relationship from my life with NO EMOTIONAL STRINGS ATTACHED. Life is not always easy or comfortable, but the work we have done together has facilitated me having and using tools that have allowed me to be strong and balanced despite very difficult times. Thank you, Friedemann!

Sue K

I have a much better appreciation of the unique person I truly am

I came to Dr. Schaub when I had no hope for a happy life…or, so I thought back then. I couldn’t understand my hopelessness and despair despite leading a blessed life. Friedemann helped me to understand my past and how limiting behaviors and attitudes/beliefs were keeping me stuck in the same old rut. He helped to turn my life around literally through his insights and gentle guidance. I have a much better understanding of myself, and I have a much better appreciation of the unique person I truly am. I am forever grateful to Friedemann, for he gave me the greatest gift possible…the gift of being myself.

Gary B

I am happier, more grounded and clearer about my role in my family

Talk about results … not only did I end a 15 + year smoking habit, I also met my future spouse soon after finishing my break-through program with Dr Schaub. I am happier, more grounded and clearer about my role in my family and in my profession than ever before. Thank you with all of my heart.

Marty R

I trusted [Dr. Schaub] to be completely honest about everything I have been through, which is amazing for me

Before I met Dr. Schaub, I had become virtually paralyzed with anxiety, fear, sadness & depression. I trusted him to be completely honest about everything I have been through, which is amazing for me. Dr. Schaub helped me to overcome the root problems and gain the confidence and strength to start living life again. Dr. Schaub has helped me tremendously.

Karen K

The NLP, hypnotherapy and timeline work cleansed and healed my past

Friedemann’s work gave me powerful tools for living, a renewed sense of trust in life and faith in myself and the world. The NLP, hypnotherapy and timeline work cleansed and healed my past, and through the powerful tools I learned, I began to create my future.

Lesley H

After only 2 sessions with Dr. Schaub my pain decreased dramatically

I first came to see Dr. Schaub with very painful psoriasis, which was covering most of my body. At night I could not sleep due to the pain and insecurity it brought me. I tried all sorts of prescriptions and even more non-traditional treatments but nothing seemed to help, it just kept getting worse. I had heard about the exponential success of using Hypnotherapy to treat psoriasis and I was curious to say the least. After only 2 sessions with Dr. Schaub my pain decreased dramatically and within a few weeks the inflammation had almost disappeared completely. Within much less than six months my “incurable” genetic skin condition along with the unpleasant self-image that accompanied it had vanished completely and I felt better than I could ever remember. Since I continue to utilize the mind-body techniques from our work together my skin has remained healthy and I feel I have finally control over this chronic issue for the rest of my life.

Lydia F

I am already seeing greater results in my business

I have done lots of work on my “issues” over the years, but needed some help pushing through some old stuff that was getting in the way of even greater success in my business. Friedemann’s techniques are effective and easy to implement in my life. And I am already seeing greater results in my business. Thank you so much for your gentle and effective style!

Gerri T

Making changes in your subconscious patterns will make major changes

Working with Dr. Friedemann has been a phenomenal experience. For anyone that has a desire to make substantial progress in self-empowerment, Cellular Wisdom will definitely provide the tools. Making changes in your subconscious patterns will make major changes in your life. Thank you for everything Friedemann.

Frank R

Same life – different view

I was anxious, angry, overwhelmed and depressed most of the time. These emotions are almost completely gone. My experience in the sessions was surprising, revealing and freeing. Same life – different view. Now when I feel those emotions, I can use them to be more conscious of my experience and to be more informed about what needs attention in my life. Anyone who has overwhelming emotions that they can’t understand or behaviors that they can’t manage will benefit from working with Friedemann.

Melissa P

Working with Friedemann during a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment period was an invaluable support

Friedemann is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to take control of their health and life. Working with Friedemann during a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment period was an invaluable support for me, because I needed to count on an expert who understood and supported western medicine and alternative medicine. Working with Friedemann, I learned to not be afraid of cancer and that I have a control over my health and life. There were many great learnings from this work, but the greatest was seeing and really knowing the infinite number of possibilities that exist within me and that accepting all of these possibilities makes them real for me. Thanks Friedemann!

Lisa M

I am convinced that anyone who commits to working with Friedemann will be transformed

The work I did with Dr. Friedemann Schaub was life altering. Together we explored issues I had not even realized existed – issues which affected my perceptions of myself and of life in general. By addressing and resolving these issues in just a few sessions, I have achieved a freedom I did not imagine possible. Old resentments have melted away and my decisions today are based on what I want and need now instead of what my old conditioned reactions would have me do. I give Friedemann Schaub the highest recommendation for anyone who wants to be closer to the potential they have to be a free and complete human being. Dr. Schaub can help with anxiety, depression, fear or physical pain, but his work transcends these concerns by far. I am convinced that anyone who commits to working with Friedemann will be transformed into the person they always wanted to be!

Matt D

Friedemann has helped me jump back on to the ‘life wagon’!

Working with Friedemann has give me many incredible insights and healing. Issues that I just could not think myself out of and habits of thinking that I had to accept were not changeable, have simply become non-issues for me. I went to Friedemann looking for ways to cope with the second half of my life- to deal with the depression of getting old and the feeling of not being in charge of my life -to seeing that I have a whole other and new life coming to me and that I can in fact leave the past behind me. In so many ways Friedemann has helped me jump back on to the ‘life wagon’!

Marilee C

Dr. Schaub helped me find and appreciate the person I have always been

For most of my life I felt like I spent my time trying to please my family, customers, acquaintances, and clients, often with disregard for my own sense of self. Something always felt missing, like there was a bigger amount of happiness that I should be feeling out of life. Dr. Friedemann Schaub helped me find and appreciate the person I have always been. I found love for who I am and greater appreciation for each person who enters my life. I have found a place within me that feels centered, authentic, and whole. Thank you Friedemann for your wisdom, your direction, and most of all, for your compassion and friendship.

Don M

I am the butterfly that has left behind her cocoon

Friedemann, thank you for the profound and life altering work, which worked so amazingly well over the phone. I have worked with many different healers and you have helped me move to a deeper level of my true Self in order to live more completely. With your work I have been able to shift lifetimes of barriers and illusions that have kept me stuck and stagnant. Now I am free and my body is in sync with my heart and soul. Thank you for being the master that you are and for creating such an amazing, sacred, and safe place for me to heal, grow, and transform. I am the butterfly that has left behind her cocoon because of our work together.

Annette Z

This work helped bring out the part of me that I like best

It is amazing how much better I feel about everything! Friedemann reminded me of things that I think I always knew, but never wanted to acknowledge or put into words (let alone action). I am a much more balanced, grounded, happy and confident person. This work helped bring out the part of me that I like best — and gave me the tools to help keep that part around much more often. I will forever be thankful to Friedemann for his wisdom and his support.



Margit A

I was able to move past my fear

Through my work with Friedemann, I was able to move past my fear of speaking to groups of people. But on a deeper level, I was able to see and separate from the anxiety that I had allowed to become an overwhelming force. I am grateful to say that it was replaced with a feeling of calm and, most importantly, a new sense of confidence and knowing that I am in control.



Libby L

I feel blessed to have worked with [Dr. Schaub]

In under 10 hours of therapy, Friedemann helped me work through childhood trauma and body image issues that had plagued me for 10 years. He is an intelligent, creative, wise, and caring healer. His therapeutic techniques gave me the freedom to create how I want my life to be now and in the future. I feel very blessed to have worked with him.

Kirsten S

I am unquestionably a new person

I was suffering from extreme anxiety and fear that interfered with my eating for over a year before I met Friedemann. I now eat normally and engage in activities I avoided due to anxiety. Friedemann guided me to recognize my inner strength and gave me the ability to be at peace with myself. I noticed a dramatic difference in my view of the world after only one session. Friedemann is extremely competent, highly skilled, and a caring practitioner. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Friedemann. I am unquestionably a new person.

Annette S

I don’t even recognize my old self

When I came to see Friedemann I had given up on life and wanted to die. I hated myself and everyone around me. I was suffering from bipolar disorder, idiopathic hypersomnia, PTSD, and numerous physical ailments (stomach ulcers, headaches, weight gain, etc.) After working with Friedemann I gained a new outlook on life. I am energetic and positive. I look forward to the future and I have learned to like myself again. I also lost 15 lbs and don’t suffer from daily headaches or painful stomach cramps. I don’t even recognize my old self. It doesn’t seem like me, perhaps it never was.

Kim W

I am seeing wonderful positive results in my life and in my business

I initially started seeing Friedemann because I was experiencing tremendous anxiety and was unable to make phone calls in my business. For many years, I had also been taking anti-depressants. Because of the Time-Line therapy, very soon after starting treatment with Friedemann I was able to discontinue the anti-depressant medication. Before the Time-Line Therapy, I had tried to discontinue the medication with very poor results and always needed to return to a very high dosage. Now, because of the work with Friedemann, I have been without anti-depressant medication for several months and am doing incredibly well. All of the original reasons for going to see him are no longer an issue and I feel confident, in control of my life, and I am seeing wonderful positive results in my life and in my business.



Deborah G

The best healers are those who teach us how to heal ourselves

There is an old saying that the best healers are those who teach us how to heal ourselves. Friedemann’s methods are wonderful. I never felt re-traumatized as I worked through past issues (from this and previous life and spirit memories), but he showed me tools with which to continue my growth and healing once our work together was completed. He is quite no-nonsense and I was impressed by how he not only listened to what I had to say and how I felt, but he also HEARD what I did not or could not say. When one seeks out therapy of any kind, one puts themselves into a very vulnerable place. I felt comfortable and safe with my emotions in his presence. I recommend him to a lot of people. Truly, there is no greater recommendation I could give than the smile on my face that now replaces what had been the sorrow in my soul.



Susan R

[Dr. Schaub] has helped make me a more active participant in my own life

Friedemann helped me so much in many ways, especially in understanding that I am in charge of how I feel. I’ve been a passive person for most of my life, and working with you has helped make me a more active participant in running my own life. Friedemann does a fantastic job of synthesizing Eastern and Western approaches to consciousness and I have learned a lot from him about life. I am not sure I could have made it through the past months without the self-knowledge and focus I gained from working with Friedemann.


Steven G

Friedemann helped me identify and resolve very deep-seated traumas

If there is a healing practitioner more perceptive, caring, and responsive than Friedemann Schaub, I’d like to meet that person. Friedemann helped me identify and quickly and effectively resolve very deep-seated problems and traumas.

Dr. Nancy B

[Dr. Schaub] gave me the tools to free myself from anxiety

My work with Friedemann has been remarkable and life changing. He gave me the tools to finally free myself from anxiety and fear of failure. I feel transformed in my thought process and perceptions of life. The work with him allowed me to accomplish a higher sense of empowerment, freedom, and lightness in life. What I find different from other counseling approaches is that Friedemann teaches how to use the tools on your own and coaches you to continue using them to reach your goals without creating a long term dependency. It is so empowering and freeing! There is no bullshit; everything is to the point, with fierce honesty, tremendous determination for success, outstanding care, and support. If you are really ready to reach your goals you will definitely get there!

Carole V

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