The work is paying huge dividends

Posted on January 21, 2023
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A big thank you to Dr. Friedemann for helping me on the road to finding myself again. During the pandemic, I felt lost and anxious; and it gave me a lot of time to think over things that had happened and I realized I wasn’t where wanted to be. The coaching session with Dr. Friedemann challenged me to revisit traumas of my past I hadn’t resolved and to question my limiting beliefs. The work is paying huge dividends. How have I benefitted? Physically, I lost 35 pounds and exercise daily, mentally, I am more understanding of myself and others, and emotionally I am much more aware that we need to listen to our feelings. I am no longer wasting time wallowing; instead, I think about what good I can bring to other people. I believe now that we need to be congruent in thought, mind, and action and understand that whatever happened, only we can change it, and that takes guts, dedication, work, lots of laughter, and kindess to become the best versions of ourselves.