I started work with Dr. Schaub to try to find answers to questions.

Posted on February 3, 2023
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Everyone has questions, but some are looking for answers more intensely or with greater fervor than others. As a young man, there’s a lot I still need to experience and learn, so it’s always best to get advice, wisdom, assistance from someone smarter, and, best of all, willing to help.

I am very spiritually minded. I believe ideas and thoughts about ourselves lead to habits and behaviors that might not always be productive. I thought if you changed the thoughts you changed the behavior. Life isn’t nearly as simple as this of course. Sometimes you can imagine what’s best for you, but you can’t seem to grasp it or integrate it. You might have knowledge, but lack understanding. You might be in a relationship with the “woman of your dreams”, but unless you truly connect with her, it means nothing.

This is the type of empowerment I learned from Dr. Schaub. You can’t just have lots of facts and catchy slogans to create a solution to problems, and you can’t just hear an explanation, you need to have it become a part of you. This isn’t just an intellectual experience; it’s also a bodily one. Learning from Dr. Schaub made me feel the wisdom, and not just hear it.

This is because of Dr. Schaub himself. His very attitude makes you feel like you have a lot to learn (not in a condescending way, but rather as an example of what is possible). This was a great gift, and I felt like his encouragement, instructions, and humor was truly a part of him, and therefore always had a genuine touch. His very presence inspires healing, not to mention his insights and willingness to listen.

This was exactly what I needed. I learned that life isn’t about a final answer that quenches all future questions, but that strengthens you and makes you braver to learn more. With this in mind, my sessions with Dr. Schaub still aren’t done. What I learned could be enough to resonate with me for a lifetime, and the road ahead looks bright. Thank you, Dr Schaub!