I came across Dr Schaub’s book, The Fear and Anxiety Solution,

Posted on February 3, 2023
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after I listened to a show he was interviewed on, and it came at a point in my life where I was really getting to rock bottom personally and professionally. I decided to listen to the book over a weekend (which was a lot to take in but shot me forward at the same time) and I decided at that point to contact him directly.
We had 6 sessions in total and I can honestly say that I am now more self-assured and balanced as a result of following his techniques during and between the sessions. He is supportive and challenging – a great combination as we need to ask ourselves difficult questions which feel uncomfortable but are necessary for growth and he facilitates this process.
Since our sessions my key relationships, including my marriage, are back on track, I feel considerably less anxiety and I have started a new business. But most importantly of all, I am enjoying life again – especially time with my young son.”

“Anxiety is a very isolating and challenging condition. It narrowed my world and my experiences so much that day to day life became a struggle for me. I cannot thank Dr. Friedemann Schaub enough for opening up my mind and my heart to see that there’s so much more than the way I was living. I was going through life with blinders on and was so consumed with my thoughts, expectations and worries. Dr. Schaub helped me break those patterns and helped me learn that I could be someone capable, strong and caring without my anxiety.
Life can be so much more if you commit to tackling your fears. If you are struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact him! He will change your life.