At 41, Dr. Schaub helped me to finally grow up.

Posted on February 3, 2023
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He took me back to the one day in my life that was holding me back, the one that had stunted my growth emotionally. He enabled me to see that day through the perspective of an adult, and therefore understand it logically, and not with the mind of an 8-year-old boy. When he did, I felt a physical release in my chest. I believe with it, I released the confused thoughts and pain of that 8 year old boy, allowing me to finally see life through the eyes of an unencumbered, clear-thinking adult. With my new perspective, each day feels like a gift, waiting to be unwrapped and discovered.

The other thing that I’ve noticed about my work with Dr. Schaub is this: my transformation has continued, of its own accord, even after completing my time with him. I feel each day that I am stronger, that I am more well, that I am closer to the essence of who I am. I feel that this will continue the rest of my days, until I ultimately return back to the place from which I came. I am excited by every step I take along the way.”