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  • What Is Anxiety?

I have struggled with depression for more than ten years now.

I have been under medication several times, and with several different types of medicine. Nothing have seemed to work until I heard from Dr. Schaub...
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At 41, Dr. Schaub helped me to finally grow up.

He took me back to the one day in my life that was holding me back, the one that had stunted my growth emotionally. He...
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From the moment I began my work with Dr. Schaub, his warmth,

Working with Dr. Schaub helped me to not only overcome the challenges of the past and present, but also to learn and grow from them...
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Today I feel free

I am still amazed at how the video seminar has helped me. This was my first time doing anything close to this, and I was...
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This was the best investment of time and money that I have ever made.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. At first, I questioned whether a video seminar would be helpful. I am so happy...
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Dr. Friedemann’s course helped me identify the incidents in my life that had been the roots of my anxiety

I am 19 years old and started working with Dr. Friedemann as I was struggling with frequent anxiety and panic attacks. I would often not...
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