I no longer feel like a victim to fear, which has freed me

I have been working with Dr. Schaub for less than 8 sessions now and I am blown away with the transformations that I have witnessed within myself. Before we began working together I was a nervous wreck, barely about to function in my day to day life with the amount of fear and anxiety I … Read more

I wish I’d done it a long time ago

From my earliest years I frequently heard people tell me I was so talented and so capable, and wondering why I didn’t do more with it. It was true, I did have a lot of talents and abilities – but I had a hesitance to truly commit to any of them beyond the “hobby” level, … Read more

Anxiety, anger, and depression lost their tight grip

Dr. Friedemann offered a much needed solution to my anxiety. I gained a completely new perspective on a number of issues that kept me stuck in life. Anxiety, anger, and depression lost their tight grip since working with Dr. Friedemann. Our sessions together resulted in greater joy and freedom in my life. Interestingly, my life … Read more

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