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These expert tips will help ease your fear, so you can relax on your next flight.


The Dangers of Broken Heart Syndrome

Chest pain and tightness, arm pain, and shortness of breath are all hallmark heart attack symptoms, but they are also signs of another lesser-known condition called “broken heart syndrome.”

Arthritis Today Magazine

Time to Destress!

Think you don't have time to relax? These stress-busters can be done in mere minutes - and they may ease arthritis aches, too.

Bottom Line Inc

Bad Thoughts About Others: The Poison Inside Your Mind

You’ve heard many times how much damage you do to your self-esteem when you bash yourself with criticism: I’m such an idiot…klutz…wimp.


Finding Empowerment and Healing with your Subconscious Mind

What would you say if I told you that the things that keep you up at night, those nagging doubts and knee-jerk reactions are really messages coming from the subconscious that actually contain the power the heal.

Clarion Ledger

Don’t get caught up in perfectionism

Healthy perfectionism can help us work hard toward our goals — and that’s a good thing. But when perfectionism is unhealthy it can have several negative effects on our lives.

Elements Behavioral Health

How to Stop Being A People Pleaser

Does this sound familiar to you? Your sibling calls you and complains her computer is broken. You know she looks up to you, and you immediately volunteer to buy her a new computer, although you don’t really have money for it.

Excellence Reporter

The Meaning of Life and The Pilgrimage

When it comes to defining the meaning of life, most of us are either befuddled or try to avoid this topic altogether.

Oprah Magazine

6 Common Fears and How to Conquer Them for Good

If your hobby is spinning fretful fantasies of imminent disaster, give yourself a break. We've got the antidotes to your greatest fears and practical tools for unraveling those knots of unease.

Readers digest

10 Early Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

According to recent statistics, nearly 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner every minute.

Woman's World

Ask America's Ultimate Experts: "Help Me Feel Calmer!"

More than half of women report feeling on-edge at least four days per week.


Planning a Wedding with Anxiety: How to Manage It All

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you probably already know that planning a wedding with anxiety is, well, complicated. Here, experts share their best tips on how to manage the planning process.

Recent Mentions

Master Your Subconscious

Dealing with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem can feel like a
never-ending battle. But what if we told you that your survival patterns
might be the real culprits holding you back?

3 Unbreakable Boundaries for People Pleasers

To effectively prevent yourself from overdoing and overgiving,
you need to learn how to set boundaries.

Becoming the Empowered Leader of
Your Subconscious Mind

 In this podcast, the visionary physician and researcher speaks with Tami Simon about how we can begin to teach our subconscious “not just to go for safety, but to go for fulfillment, purpose, and passion.

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Breaking The Cycle of Powerlessness

How to overcome an overworked “inner protector”
and reclaim our essential power.

Conquering Anxiety &
Transforming Limitations

Break free from the patterns that hold you back and unleash the power within to create a life of purpose, peace, and unyielding strength.

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My Top 3 Reasons to no longer fear anxiety

Here are three reasons you don’t have to be afraid of your anxiety but can embrace this feeling as a jumping-off point to becoming your best self.

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