Anxiety Test

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1. I spend a lot of time worrying about the future or the problems in my life.(Required)
2. I am often tired and exhausted.(Required)
3. I am dealing with insomnia and/or chronic physical problems (pain, intestinal issues, high blood pressure).(Required)
4. It stresses me when people have expectations on me.(Required)
5. I often believe "I am not good enough" or "I am not capable."(Required)
6. When things are going really well for me I usually expect "the other shoe to drop."(Required)
7. I become easily restless when I am trying to sit still.(Required)
8. I tend to criticize and judge myself for the way I am.(Required)
9. I hold myself back from saying or doing what I want.(Required)
10. I can't shut down my racing mind.(Required)
11. Self-sabotaging behavior (procrastination, negative thinking,indecisiveness) holds me back.(Required)
12. I feel at times unworthy to have what I want.(Required)
13. Talking to people I don't know makes me uncomfortable.(Required)
14. As a child I was anxious.(Required)
15. I need to control my environment / circumstances to feel safe.(Required)
16. I don't easily trust someone.(Required)
17. Thinking about challenging events of my childhood makes me uneasy.(Required)
18. I often wonder what other people are thinking of me.(Required)
19. My life has become smaller.(Required)
20. I don't feel safe in the world.(Required)
21. I am worried about being exposed or found out as a fraud.(Required)
22. I often feel overwhelmed and scattered.(Required)
23. I am afraid of getting anxious when I am around others.(Required)
24. I feel stuck.(Required)
25. I need medication, alcohol or drugs to relax my mind.(Required)