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#1 - 10 Essential Tips for Breaking Through Anxiety

If you have been struggling with fear and anxiety you know, how these emotions can make you feel powerless and overwhelmed. All you want is just to suppress or get rid of these intense and uncomfortable feelings. 

#1 - 10 Essential Tips for Breaking Through Anxiety

However, usually there are reasons why you are anxious, and unless you are uncovering and addressing these root causes, which often reside in the subconscious mind, your struggles will just continue.


Incorporating these 10 tips into your daily life and you will soon notice that you are gaining a more self-empowering perspective on how to overcome fear and anxiety.

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#2 - Create Financial Freedom

Do you have limiting beliefs around money, such as, “Money is evil,” “I will never have enough,” or ” Wanting more money is selfish”? How you relate to money is shaped by your beliefs. As a result, you may notice that you are struggling with making, saving and spending money.

#2 - Create Financial Freedom

Uncover, release and replace old limiting beliefs on the level of the subconscious mind, so that you can create the financial security and freedom you want. All you need to do is to lean back, relax and open your mind.


#3 - Resolving Inner Conflicts

One of the major subconscious roots of anxiety is the the inner conflict between sensitive parts of your mind. One side causes you to feel anxious, insecure, worried, or ashamed. This anxiety tries to act as your inner protector, but it can paralyze you, take your freedom and hold you back from your best life.

#3 - Resolving Inner Conflicts

On the opposite side, is a part that wants and promotes confidence, motivation, and optimism.


As a result, you may expend an incredible amount of energy without getting anywhere, trying to overcome these deep feelings of fear, and embracing the positive desires of your mind. The Parts Re-integration Process allows you to resolve this conflict, and establish a great sense of wholeness and congruity.


Empower yourself, and take your life back.


#4 - Webinar - Fear & Anxiety to Ease & Confidence

In this webinar, I talk about how we create fear and anxiety on the subconscious mind level, the role of inner conflicts and limiting beliefs and the three keys to overcome these emotional challenges. 

#4 - Webinar - Fear & Anxiety to Ease & Confidence

Learn how to eliminate negative self-talk, stop self-sabotaging patterns and establish a self-empowering strategy to outgrow fear and anxiety and build a stronger foundation of peace and self-acceptance.


#5 - Teleseminar - Freedom From Fear, Stress and Anxiety

Stress, fear and anxiety have been called the new epidemic in our society. Some studies show that 75% of the population live from a place of fear and obligation – rather than a place of joy and purpose. I created this webinar to show you how to create more freedom from fear, stress and anxiety.

#5 - Teleseminar - Freedom From Fear, Stress and Anxiety

Learn how to:

Identify and resolve the subconscious root causes of your fear and anxiety

Stop mind racing and obsessive thoughts

Communicate effectively with your subconscious mind

Stay calm and laser focused no matter what circumstances you are in and much more


#6 - The Essential Goal Setting Questions

In order to breakthrough any internal or external obstacles you need to have two important factors in place: clarity and motivation. If you don’t know where you are and where you want to go, chances are that you will stay stuck. And if your goals don’t motivate you enough, you won’t consistently pursue them.

#5 - Teleseminar - Freedom From Fear, Stress and Anxiety

Motivation is based on the emotional reasons “why” you want to change – and therefore activates your subconscious mind. The stronger you feel about those reasons, the more motivation you will have at your disposal.


#7 - Learn About Breakthrough Results

If you struggle with a restless, anxious mind, you’ve probably noticed that the chatter can be especially negative and annoying at the most inopportune moments. Maybe just before a presentation your inner voice weighs in with, “What if you freeze up in front of your boss?” or “People will see right away you’re a fraud.”

#7 - Learn About Breakthrough Results

So how do you respond to the negative thoughts of this inner protector? Since this subconscious part was most likely developed during childhood, you can picture the source of your negative self-talk as an inner, younger self. If you’re with a frightened child who says “I’m afraid that I’ll fail” or “Nobody likes me,” how would you respond?


#8 - How to Gain Complete Perspective

Why does it appear so difficult to change and thrive – to take life into our own hands and follow our dreams? The good news is that we all have the most powerful tool to break through these fundamental barriers at our disposal. Our consciousness, which consists of conscious and subconscious mind and higher consciousness. 

#8 - How to Gain Complete Perspective

The acronym POWER describes the five natural abilities of our consciousness that provide us with the leverage and power to break through any perceived limitations and take our lives to a greater level of happiness and fulfillment.


This  self-empowerment exercise activates the power of Perspective, which means our ability to be conscious that we create our own reality – and how we can make it better.


#9 - The Shield of Power - A Self-Empowerment Tool for Sensitive People

If you are a sensitive person, you may be familiar with how fear and anxiety can cause you to feel powerless and overwhelmed.

#9 - The Shield of Power - A Self-Empowerment Tool for Sensitive People

This process guides you to access and utilize valuable inner resources and strengths, so that you can deal with situations, which in the past would have challenged and overwhelmed you, in a new and self-empowered way.


#10 - Guided Practices

These processes are abbreviated versions from The Fear and Anxiety Solution and the 4 CD audio-program and should ideally be used in conjunction with the book.


The Parts Re-integration Process addresses on of the major subconscious root causes – the inner conflict between a “negative” part of your subconscious, causing you to feel anxious, insecure, worried, or ashamed, and an opposing “positive” side that promotes confidence, motivation, and optimism. 

#10 - Guided Practices

The Pattern Resolution Process is an extremely powerful method to release stored fear and anxiety from your subconscious mind, while learning the lessons and claiming the growth potential that has been enclosed within these memories. It allows to safely unload decades of emotional baggage, and outgrow the past in a matter of minutes.


The Realign with Your Essence Guided Meditation will help you to align yourself with your essence and build a strong foundation for confidence and self-worth on a conscious, subconscious, and cellular level.

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