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From tips to break through anxiety, creating financial freedom, resolving inner conflicts, this series will help you take the first steps of the rest of your life. Discover ten tools over the next ten days that will shift you from a place of powerlessness, to tapping into your greatest potential.

Dr. Friedmann introduces peace and tranquility solutions for personal growth


What will you break through today? Overcoming procrastination? Moving from anxiety to empowerment? Or addressing fears of intimacy and loneliness? This video library contains numerous visual resources, from lessons to meditations, to propel you down your empowerment path.

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Written Resources

As a best-selling and award-winning author, Dr. Friedemann has penned The Fear and Anxiety Solution, and numerous written works on various subjects to learn more about anxiety, the subconscious mind and how to break through limitations and unlock all your life's goals.

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