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Cellular Wisdom Program
Working with Dr. Friedemann Schaub

The Keys to Accessing the Power Within!

We often resist change as something bad and uncomfortable. However, change is inevitable, because it is the essence of life – how we change is up to us. Healing, whether emotionally or physically, is a form of change, from the state of disease and discomfort to the state of health and wholeness. As human beings we are equipped with powerful healing resources – the mind, body and spirit, which enable within all of us change, growth and healing as ‘normal daily tasks’.


What is the subconscious mind? And why is working with the subconscious mind so important and so effective?

An iceberg is a great analogy that describes the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind– with a small, visible part above the surface and a huge part below. The conscious mind is responsible for our awareness in the waking state. Thinking analytically, creating logical order, wondering about cause and effect and asking “why” are all characteristics of the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the place of cognitive learning and understanding and uses the intellect to come up with logical solutions for problems. It makes choices based on facts and moves the body deliberately.

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