When Dreams Become Your Guides with Kelly Lydick

Have you ever awakened from a dream that left you feeling stunned a dream so vivid or impactful so unexpected that it changes your life from that point forward? Imagine you could ask a question to a dream character, or the dream itself, and watch as a profoundly surprising response appears. Suppose you could take action in your dream to eliminate a recurring nightmare, heal a relationship, or even a physical ailment.

Dr. Friedemann Schaub s special guest on this episode of Empowerment Radio is Kelly Lydick, dream-coach and co-author of the fascinating book, Dreams That Change Our Lives. Join Dr. Friedemann and Kelly on Wednesday October 17 at 2PM ET / 11AM PT, and learn about lucid dreaming, dreams of past lives, and how your dreams can become your guides and mentors.

Find out more about Kelly at www.kellylydick.com