Solutions for (and Preventing) Burnout

Are you heading towards physical and emotional burnout? After everything we went through in the last 18 months what’s the status of your batteries?

You may think that what you are dealing with isn’t that serious; nothing that can’t be fixed with a few good nights’ rest. Yet, the problem is that many people overlook the early signs of burnout 💔 and thus miss the opportunity to take appropriate measures to prevent more severe consequences such as depression, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and heart disease.

On this next episode of Get Real, I talk about the signs you should be looking out for, how to recharge your batteries and stop draining them so that you can overcome burnout and prevent it from happening again.

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0:00 – Does your life feel like a giant hamster wheel?
1:16 – The origins of burnout as a term
2:59 – What are the 3 question to ask to see if you have burnout?
4:03 – Denial, especially in men, causes illness
6:00 – Signs and symptoms that you are burning out
9:25 – Temporary fixes we do to fight burnout, and why we shouldn’t do them
14:41 – What can we do to prevent burnout? Or alleviate the symptoms?
18:25 – An exercise to assess burnout occurred in your life
22:04 – Re-examining your belief systems
25:05 – Learning to stop comparing against others, and appreciate what you have

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