Optimum hydration – the key to weight loss, healing and vitality

Are you struggling with headaches, brain fog, insomnia and joint pain? We often think these health challenges are due to gluten intake,too much sugar or too little exercise. But there is a missing, and crucial, piece to the health puzzle that can no longer be overlooked. Hydration. With the summer and its heat around the corner, many of us are significantly harming our bodies by simply not drinking enough water. Besides thirst and decreased urine output, some of the lesser known signs that can tell us we are dehydrated are the inability to lose weight, constipation, bloating, afternoon fatigue, difficulty to focus, insomnia, headaches and stiffness. So how do you get re-hydrated and stay hydrated? Here is a hint, it is not just drinking more water. My special guest on this upcoming episode of Empowerment Radio, Dr. Dana Cohen, the author of Quench” will share effective and surprising ways to provide your body with the water it needs. Join us Thursday June 20th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET.