Are Your Anxiety Attacks Getting Shorter? | ES148 – SOUNDBITE

How do you know you are making progress when it comes to healing your anxiety? This is a common question I hear. The truth is we collect so many tools. We put them into practice. We have good days, and then we have bad days…and sometimes the bad outweighs the good so much that we … Read more

Connected Parenting A Conversation With Jennifer Kolari | ES149

Being a parent is hard enough, but being a good parent in the modern world can feel nearly impossible for many of us. So where can we go to find the support we need? With all of the different parenting styles and advice, it’s hard to know where to begin. Thankfully we have people like … Read more

Healing Anxiety; 10 Ways to Know Your Making Progress | ES148

Have you ever sat down to think about and define what it would sound, feel and look like when you’ve moved beyond your anxiety? Have you ever wondered if you are heading at least in the right direction? For many people, it is easier to search for evidence that anxiety still holds the reins in … Read more

From Afraid to Amazing | Saying Goodbye to Social Anxiety | ES147

Do you feel anxious in social situations? Does your heart race and your palms get sweaty when you’re around other people?  Do you constantly worry you may embarrass yourself by blushing, sweating or blurting out something stupid no one finds funny? If so, you may be struggling with social anxiety. So what is social anxiety? … Read more

How to Get Your Kids to Cooperate: The Connection Approach | ES146

Former angry Mom, Robbin McManne, is a parenting coach, author of the book, “The Yelling Cure”, podcast host of “Parenting For Connection” and most importantly, she is an advocate for peaceful parenting. If you find your parenting journey to be more struggle than peace and want to curb the yelling and threats currently being used … Read more

My Top 3 Reasons to No Longer Fear Your Anxiety | ES145

Unfortunately, in many ways, I feel we have it backward when responding to our anxiety, myself included. During my twenties, I treated my anxiety by trying to numb it with medication, alcohol and staying busy. This gave me the ability to ignore how I was feeling but did not do anything to heal the root … Read more

Discovering Your Inner Gutsy Self with Dr Leah Katz | ES144

How would you feel, if the fear of failure or what others may be thinking of you, could no longer hold you hostage? And how would your life change, if you could rewrite those old stories and excuses that used to hold you back?  If you are ready to make a change, create real movement … Read more

Healing Your Inner Child | ES143

When was the last time your inner child was triggered? It’s very likely that this is when you were dealing with anxiety. You see, the inner child is that early developmental aspect, who has to figure out how to get us through life without being harmed, abandoned, and hopefully with a little love and attention? … Read more

Are you addicted to your emotions?

Do you feel anxious all the time? Do you react to anything unforeseen in an anxious, heightened state of being?   Does any change bring an enormous amount of stress and worry,  and even feeling just a little bit out of control, immediately have you spiralling into anger and frustration? There may be a lot of … Read more

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