Become Your Empowered Self
Ready for Your Accelerated Breakthrough?

Get ready for your most powerful breakthrough

You have taken the most critical first step towards breaking past all your limitations for the rest of your empowered, vibrant life.

You have separated yourself from many others, and chosen to stand out and take control of what you want for yourself. Now, you have the unique advantage of unlocking all your unlimited potential.

To get you started, I have included the important information below on how to access the Fear and Anxiety Solution Video Course, including all 6 self-hypnosis recordings (the bonus included as part of the program). I should personally reach out to you in 48-72 hours to schedule our first session together, and will also send you preparation materials to kickstart the first steps of your program.

Each session is about 2 hours long. The sessions can be recorded, so that you can listen to them again and thus deepen and solidify your insights and positive changes. In between the sessions, which are usually scheduled every 2 weeks, you will receive custom-tailored empowering tools, homework and e-mail support.

Please remember, my sessions are scheduled between 6AM ET to 12:30PM ET.

If you need to reach me at any point, please email me at

To your light,
— Friedemann

Fear and Anxiety Solution Video Course Classroom

*************VERY IMPORTANT**************

We suggest copying this information to a safe space, copy and email to yourself, or printing it, so that you always have access to it. You can also download as a PDF here.

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to breaking through your fear and anxiety for good. I am very excited to support you on this powerful journey of healing and growth.

Here is your classroom page link and password which will give you instant access to the to Six Breakthrough Sessions for Healing and Empowerment with Your Subconscious Mind.

To access you will need to enter the password: breakthroughandempower$

I am looking forward to starting our work together.

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