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Join Dr. Friedemann for insights and self-empowering approaches on many of the most prevailing challenges in our day-to-day lives. For more than a decade, Dr. Friedemann has discussed such hard-hitting topics as: “Are you Addicted to Stress and Anxiety?”, “How to Become Unstuck”, “The Gift of Self-Compassion” and “Overcoming Overwhelm”.

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The Empowerment Solution: How to Switch From Surviving to Thriving | ES156


Four things you want to stop avoiding to be more confident

Most people stay away from certain aspects of their lives that make them feel uncomfortable, whether it is a dental appointment, dinner with the nagging in-laws, or the stack of bills that has been piling up in the drawer. Yet, there are four things you should no longer avoid if you want to gain more…

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Are You Overthinking Your Relationship?

Do you believe that your anxiety holds you back from having healthy romantic relationships? You may have told yourself that you are flawed and broken and that, therefore, nobody wants to date you, let alone be with you. Or that you won't measure up and aren't worthy of true love and have to settle for anyone willing to accept you. Like so many people I work with, you, too, may struggle not to identify yourself with an anxiety disorder or OCD, believing these emotional challenges define who you are. The truth is that a diagnosis does not define you but...
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Overcome Anxiety | A Journey of Healing The Inner Child

Although I usually try to avoid generalizations, you probably agree that men are much more comfortable expressing anger than admitting anxiety. They perceive anger as...
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Overcome Anxiety | Knowing You Are Good Enough

"You are not alone."| James Inner conflict ... This is an area of struggle for all of us at one time or another. Did you...
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Overcoming Anxiety and Living Up To Our Potential with Jamil

"The world needs men to get healthy and show up for the people around them. "| Jamil Anxiety can be a challenge for all of...
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