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How to make difficult conversations easy

By Friedemann Schaub | July 15, 2019

Life in the Information Age allows us to connect with each other 24/7 because of our phones, computers and other devices. Yet, studies show that more and more people feel isolated and socially disconnected. This includes having far fewer meaningful interactions with their spouses, weaker ties with family members and friends, fewer connections with neighbors … Read more

How to keep the vacation-mind all year round

By Friedemann Schaub | July 2, 2019

Summer is in full swing and vacation time is just around the corner. Have you ever noticed that your “being on vacation” persona differs quite a bit from the everyday self? This was certainly true for Danielle and I during the week we recently took off to celebrate my birthday and our 20th kiss-aversary. Besides biking, kayaking and … Read more

Optimum hydration – the key to weight loss, healing and vitality

By Friedemann Schaub | June 14, 2019

Are you struggling with headaches, brain fog, insomnia and joint pain? We often mistakenly think these and other all-too-common modern maladies are due to gluten intake, too much sugar or too little exercise. But there is a missing, and crucial, piece to the health puzzle that can no longer be overlooked. Hydration. With the summer … Read more

Boost your courage without battling your fears

By Friedemann Schaub | June 5, 2019

Do you wish sometimes you would be more courageous, take more risks and step outside your comfort zone? Would you like to be more bold, when it comes to speaking your mind, having boundaries or making a difference in your life? But what is courage really and how do you get more of it? Whenever … Read more

How to resurrect the Divine Feminine in all of us

By Friedemann Schaub | May 17, 2019

We are living in a world that has many challenges to deal with – climate change, energy and water shortages, inequality of wealth, racism and other prejudices etc.  Without being overly judgmental, the fact is that all of these problems arose under the command of the patriarchy. But rather than bringing the world back into … Read more

Are you struggling with FOMO or FOSO?

By Friedemann Schaub | May 6, 2019

Ellen had everything going for her. She was young, intelligent, beautiful and highly educated. She had success in her career and lived in an interesting city. “I could be completely happy with my life,” she told me during our first session. “Yet, as soon, as I am logging into Instagram or Facebook and see my … Read more

Everyday Mindfulness with Keith Macpherson

By Friedemann Schaub | April 18, 2019

Our generation has more anxiety, depression, and stress than ever before recorded. We have come to a tipping point in our current world, and it seems many of us are trying to find a way back to the secrets of inner peace, simplicity, and connection. Over the past few years, the word “mindful” has become … Read more

Access The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

By Friedemann Schaub | April 4, 2019

What do you think about your subconscious mind, and the role it plays in your life? Do you trust this part of your mind, or are you more wary of it? Do you utilize its potential, or do you accuse it of keeping you stuck in irrational anxiety and self-sabotaging patterns? Maybe your subconscious seems … Read more

“I lost my best friend…” – Dealing With The Loss Of A Beloved Pet

By Friedemann Schaub | March 21, 2019

Prince Siddhartha, who lived around 560 BC at the foothills of the Himalayas would one day be known as Buddha, the Enlightened One. Well, nomen est omen didn’t hold true when it came to Prince Siddhartha, the German shepherd we adopted when I was 14 years old. This dog was anything but enlightened, which was not … Read more

How to Boost Your Confidence

By Friedemann Schaub | March 6, 2019

The other day I talked to one of my clients about the importance of building his confidence, when he asked me, “Wouldn’t more confidence make me be less cautious, and thus potentially set me up for more failure?” I explained to him that being confident has nothing to do with being arrogant or delusional. Self-confidence … Read more

Awarded Top 50 Anxiety Blog!

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog The Fear and Anxiety Solution has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 50 Anxiety Blogs on the web.

I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of  Top 50 Anxiety Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

View the List Here:

The Scientific Proof That Consciousness Creates Reality with Mark Gober

By Friedemann Schaub | January 14, 2019

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. I am excited to sharing to 2 big announcements with you. First, this year I am sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 50 ways to empower yourself. These will be weekly insights and tools, which … Read more

The Essential Keys to Make 2019 A Breakthrough Year

By Friedemann Schaub | December 31, 2018

Are you struggling with the “year-end-hangover?” I am not talking about the physical discomfort induced by excessive amounts of food and alcohol. What I mean are all the unfulfilled intentions, resolutions and goals of last year that keep on hanging over your head. Whether you intended to get in shape, … Read more

Lonely through the holidays, or Love You – how to heal loneliness and self-rejection

By Friedemann Schaub | December 14, 2018

It is official, the holidays are right around the corner. Yet, for many this is not the happiest time of the year, but the loneliest. Do you struggle with loneliness and the pain of not having a special someone or a family to celebrate with? Does being alone make you … Read more

The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Your Best Self.

By Friedemann Schaub | December 4, 2018

As long as my parents were alive, I had every year, around December, the same nightmare. It had one simple story line: It was Christmas Eve, and I realized that I forgotten to buy gifts for my family. I usually woke up in cold sweat, but also relieved that I … Read more

Spirituality Without Religion

By Friedemann Schaub | November 17, 2018

The trend is obvious: Organized religion is losing its appeal. About 25% of Americans don’t identify with any religion, and this number has grown in recent years. What about you – do consider yourself agnostic, atheist or agnostic, or somewhat spiritual, but not religious? Maybe you are a recovering Catholic, … Read more

How To Not Let People Push Your Buttons

By Friedemann Schaub | November 4, 2018

Do you feel sometimes confused, irritated or simply stunned by some people’s rude behavior? And do you wonder afterwards, how you could have reacted differently, rather than becoming defensive, lashing out or freezing like a deer in headlights? I recently called my dentist for an emergency appointment, because of some … Read more

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