The Essential Goal Setting Questions

Answer Dr. Friedemann’s Goal-Setting Questionnaire

In order to breakthrough any internal or external obstacles you need to have two important factors in place: clarity and motivation. If you don’t know where you are and where you want to go, chances are that you will stay stuck. And if your goals don’t motivate you enough, you won’t consistently pursue them.

There are two kinds of motivation:

  • a Towards Motivation, which pulls you towards your goals
  • an Away-From Motivation, which pushes you away from what no longer works for you.

Motivation is based on the emotional reasons “why” you want to change – and therefore activates your subconscious mind. The stronger you feel about those reasons, the more motivation you will have at your disposal.

By answering my Goal-Setting Questionnaire, you will define a goal with inherent momentum, which means that it is equally clear and motivating for your conscious and subconscious mind and will inevitably lead you to success. So take a deep breath, open your mind and heart – and let your future begin.

Goal Setting Questions

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