Boozing It Up on the Company’s Buck

Know the risks when you drink with your peers at work — or with your boss

Drinks in the office may not flow as freely in 2016 as they did back in the days of the “Mad Men” — but in some industries, drinking is still a big part of both business and pleasure. And things can get pretty wild.

“How to mix social life with work — especially in big corporations where the pressure is much higher than it was 15 years ago — is a real concern,” said Dr. Friedemann Schaub, a physician and author of the book, “The Fear and Anxiety Solution.

“There’s a much greater ‘replaceability’ factor in today’s work force. The loyalty of the corporation to the worker doesn’t really exist anymore. You either measure up or you’re let go — and many people are waiting for your job.”

“That pressure,” added Schaub, “is suddenly a part of this weird mingling situation in the bar, where the boss who just hit you with a deadline before the weekend now wants to have a drink with you.”

This drinking can happen at happy hour at the pub around the corner — or halfway around the world, at a remote island work trip.  Continue reading

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