Health – A State of Mind

by Tad James In the past 5 years, there is exciting news in the field of disease. Old concepts on the nature of consciousness, and on the nature of the body are changing. We have been using many of these concepts in Time Line Therapy® ™ for some time now, and many of these concepts … Read more

From Powerless to Powerful

How often do you feel powerless—in the course of just one day? Whether you are stuck in traffic, wait in line for a coffee or get pushed by your boss to meet another unreasonable deadline—it seems obvious that life is out of your control. Yet, is that really true? We may have no control over … Read more

Establish More Motional Balance

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to establish more motional balance that can, in turn, support your healing. Take the messages from the medical field and others with a grain of salt—especially if they are limiting and disempowering. Avoid obsessive “Googling” on the Internet, which can often lead to more fear and … Read more

Keep the Faith

As a physician, I often felt that patients gave up faith in their self-healing abilities, completely surrendering and trusting in the abilities and wisdom of the doctors. Many young physicians are not prepared for this and don’t know how to deal with the power that is handed to them by their patients. The movie, The … Read more

Inner Balance

These and other studies show that inner balance is one of the most important keys to healing. This means that you want to make sure that what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel and think are supporting your healing. Start with choosing a team of doctors and health care practitioners that are in alignment with … Read more

The Monkey Mind Matters

For many years, my mind seemed to have a mind of its own, especially when I worked as a physician in a busy cardiology department. From the moment I woke up, my mind started in, running me through the day’s seemingly-endless “still-not-done list.” While in the shower and during breakfast, my thoughts jumped randomly from … Read more

Health Damaging Effects of Stress

The health-damaging effects of stress have been well documented. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, and auto-immune disease are only some of the diseases that are closely linked to increased stress. Our immune system is especially susceptible to negative emotions. Deepak Chopra says in his book, Quantum Healing, “Our immune system is continuously … Read more

Realignment and How to Stay in Balance

One of the most reliable facts of life is that it never stops changing – no matter how much we resist it. Whether it is your job, relationships, the place you live in or the state of your health – changes get you out of balance and make life often appear like walking on a … Read more

Feed Your Body With Joy

7. Use meditation and relaxation exercises on a daily basis. Meditation and relaxation have been shown to be very beneficial to treat chronic pain, migraines, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Relaxing the mind and the body also activates our immune system. Even 10 minutes per day will make an enormous difference. A great way to … Read more

Listen to Your Symptoms

4. See the disease as an opportunity to learn and grow. Identify the metaphors of the illness – if the illness had a message for your, what would it be. Notice the messages of the symptoms you are dealing with – sometimes symptoms can be taken very literally (“pain in the neck”, “heaviness in the … Read more

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